Friday, August 26, 2011

Weigh In..

Okay, so I weighed in this morning to make sure that I was making SOME kind of progress.. and I was shocked!!

Last Weeks Weight: 257.0 lbs
This Weeks Weight: 245.6 lbs
Difference: -11.4 lbs

WHAT?!  WOW!!  I seriously was expecting 5 to 7 lbs.. Not 11.4.. This is great though!  Means that I am doing the right thing.. I will give up ALL the cupcakes now to be able to enjoy ONE in the future..  I'm so excited.. My size 18 jeans that I bought less than a week ago are now unflatteringly baggy, so since I've only worn them twice, I'm going to see if I can exchange them for size 16.. If not, then I'll buy the size 16 and sell the size 18's in our yard sale next weekend..

YEAH, there's another point.. we are having our yard sale (FINALLY) next weekend.. WOOHOO!  I'll get to get rid of my junk in my bedroom finally!  and possibly make a little money.. enough to cover my car insurance due in a couple weeks.. :)  Well, I'm off to go see my little niece.. She cut her first tooth a couple days ago, and I can't wait to see her smile now.. Oh, and btw, Kris over at is doing a giveaway because she's lost an amazing 180 lbs.. check it out and enter.. :)


  1. Wow! That's brilliant. Seriously amazing! Huge pat on the back for you, Sarah!

  2. woohoo!! that's an awesome loss. good job! :)

  3. Holy cheese balls!! That's amazing!! WTG!!