Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hello World..

Hi peoples!  I'm sorry I've been MIA for almost a month.. Life has been so crazy that I just haven't had time to come on here and fill you all in..  But it's settling into a "normal" pattern so here I am! :)

So here's a recap of the last month..

** I MOVED **

I can't remember how much I've told you all about my living situation, but my parents decided back in April 2012 that they were gonna let our (piece of crap) house go back to the bank..  They moved into my brother and SIL's house in August (bc they moved to Washington DC) and I was gonna stay in the house until they foreclosed on it (which is happening on April 2nd).. 

While I looked at buying a house in the beginning, I found that my second income didn't count towards anything for another 6 months (until I was there for 2 years), so i basically was out of options that way.. BUT thankfully the man I met about a house had a duplex for rent.. It's so funny how God works..  So, two weeks ago, I started moving my things into my new home!!  It's so awesome!!  It's got one bedroom, one bath and half a (huge!!) basement..  

I forgot how stressful it is to move (seeing as I haven't moved in 5+ years).. And while I'm still not 100% moved or unpacked, I'm almost done.. :) It's so fun to decorate a whole house.. and thankfully I'm only like 3 blocks away from my old house!!

** I'M IN LOVE **

This one I'm so excited to brag about!!  I haven't been in a relationship in so long that I was kinda cynical in the beginning.. The Boy has been in my life (he's my BFF's younger cousin) for over 14 years.. The day before Valentine's Day, The Boy messaged me on FB like he randomly does but this time was different.. A little back story: I've liked him for a while.. BUT he was dating someone for a long time (and eventually married and divorced her), so he was off limits to me.. I basically put him in the "friend" zone.. 

Well, that day he told me he liked me and has for a long time (which made me feel a little bad for his ex).. Of course, we haven't seen each other in almost 2 years, and he's had a rough life.. BUT we went out and it's been wonderful ever since!  We've been dating 5 weeks and it's just been so awesome.. We have so much in common.. We are so similar and it's just so easy with him..  And while it's only been 5 weeks, we have spent so much time together during those 5 weeks, it seems like longer.. Plus, I've known him so long..  I honestly can say I love The Boy..

I will probably get a lot of crap for saying that, and the next few things, but I don't care..  I can see myself marrying this guy.. The more I learn about him, the more in love I fall.. We've talked about all of this recently, and honestly I see being engaged to him by the end of the year.. :)  I'm so happy with life right now..

** I'M IN THE 210's **

I made it to day 11 with Insanity.. I started noticing that I wasn't losing weight while I was doing these workouts..  and I was okay with that.. but when I started gaining weight, I was worried..  I was only halfway done with my weight loss, so any gain is worrisome to me..  So I took a couple days off and lost the 3 lbs I gained.. So I took a couple more days off, and lost some more weight..

My plan is to start is back up once I get around 170 lbs..  While I realize that I most likely was gaining muscle, I don't care at this point.. My goal RIGHT NOW is to lose as much weight as possible until I get to around 170ish..  I have been so busy with life the past month, I haven't had energy (or time) to workout.. BUT thankfully I'm still losing..  I'm hoping to be in ONEderland by the 7th of April (5 months post op).. I think that's doable, at least 13 pounds in 18 days.. Totally doable.. Especially since I just got my Rockin' Body workout DVD's from Beachbody.. It's by Shaun T (the guy from Insanity) so I hope it's killer..

I think that's everything.. lol.. Well, I'm off to eat something for dinner.. Hope everything is great with you all!  I'm hoping to catch up on other blogs over the weekend.. :)