Conquering My Debt in 2015

Here I will be keeping a list of all my debt that I have..  I will recap monthly to put what I'm saving towards them..

AS OF 11/28/14:

1. Capital One Bank (Car)-- Starting Balance: $3909.83
2. State of Indiana Unemployment Payback-- Starting Balance: $839.39
3. Collection Associates Inc. (SMC bill)-- Starting Balance: $707.95
4. Ivy Tech Community College-- Starting Balance: $587.26
5. Capital One Bank (Credit Card)-- Starting Balance: $475.83
6. Check Into Cash-- Starting Balance: $369.00
7. Med Solutions (SMC bill)-- Starting Balance: $127.31
8. Target-- Starting Balance: $126.00
9. Duke Energy-- Starting Balance: $91.13
10. Jackson County Bank-- Starting Balance: $40.82
11. American Water-- Starting Balance: $29.26

While this list originally included two cable bills, upon calling for updated balances, I found out that they had been wiped clean..  These cable companies are currently being bought out by other companies, so I can only think they were wiped clean because of this.. Either way, I no longer owe these two companies almost $600.. :)

UPDATE 11/28/14:  While I thought this was originally true, they have both come to me in the form of a collections agency.. I will be adding them to this list in the coming days..

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