Sunday, July 1, 2012

Kings Island: Day 1

So as I said before, I am currently at Kings Island with my BFF, Amanda, and my cousin, Chrissy.. Thanks to it being a Sunday, the lines were AWESOME! Hardly any wait in the main park..

Now, today has been an eye opener.. The first ride that we tried to ride (me and my cousin), I wouldn't fit into the seat enough to put the lap guard down far enough.. I was shocked! In my head I still see myself at like 220.. I KNOW that I weigh in at almost 280, but in my mind, I'm not that fat..

Today was a struggle with the rides.. And while that was the only ride I literally had to get off of before it started, I struggled through a couple more before we went to the waterpark.. Which was a whole other issue: swimsuits! Eek!

I feel like a beached whale in a bathing suit right now.. No offense to anyone, but this is me I'm talking about.. I hate living in this fat suit I've put myself in!!

But I had fun, for the most part.. We ran out of steam, and things to do, so we came back to the hotel and went to eat.. Then went to Target til we could check in at 3.. Now, here we are... All lying on our respective beds, chilling bc we're exhausted..

Happy Sunday!!!