Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Moving On..

This entry was going to originally be about tea.. lol.. sorry, it would have prolly been short and sweet and boring as hell.. :)  This one is hopefully gonna be none of those..  HOPEFULLY!

I'm getting to the end of my stay at my parents house.. My parents have moved into my brother and SIL's house, and we are nearing the year mark of our house being put into foreclosure..  If you saw this house, you'd understand why we let it go to the bank (even though we don't think even they want it.. lol).. With all the problems we've had with it over the past 16 years, it's just not worth it anymore..  So April is when we assume they'll come to take the property, so I plan to be out of my house by then..

I can't wait to move!  I can't wait to have a place that I can decorate and call my own.. and while I'm looking, it seems harder to find a place that isn't super expensive.. I'm one person, and while I have two incomes, I truly don't want to spend all my hard earned money on a place to stay (especially since I won't be there a lot)..

As I sit here contemplating the future, I'm wondering if it's too early to start packing.. I know I will find a place, and I just can't help hoping that packing will help speed up finding my future home..  Then again, I've got so much crap that packing prolly isn't a good thing because I wouldn't be able to walk around with all the boxes I'd have packed.. lol

I know part of my plan is to move things over gradually.. Move room by room.. Which is nice, because I actually have that option.. I can move and unpack/decorate at the same time..

The fun part of moving (plus a big tax refund) is getting new stuff!!  I plan to get a bigger bed (because at almost 30, I shouldn't be sleeping in a full size bed), another (smaller) tv, a home theater system, and prolly a couple other things.. :)

Well, we're supposedly gonna get a really bad storm, so I'm gonna get off my computer so it doesn't get hurt..

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Thank You..

I'd like to take the time to say some thank you's...

** Thank you to the new people that have started following my blog..

** Thank you to the people that comment on my entries.. I do read them all and appreciate each one.. :)

** Thank you for all the great responses to my questions..

** Thank you to the people that have stuck around through all the ups and downs..

I know there are more thank you's to be said, but I'm too tired right now..

Oh, and if anyone is using a Fitbit, please feel free to add me as your friend.. We can "compete" and cheer each other on.. my email is fabchallenge@gmail.com

Saturday, January 26, 2013


I've been doing a lot of thinking recently.. Well, prolly since the new year started.. And I think that's normal, right?!  

Since starting this blog, and my previous one too, I've been trying to lose this blasted weight I've gained.. Well, now that I'm losing it steadily (and no gains!!  woohoo!!), I'm starting to focus a little more on my life in general.. Because outside of work, I truly have no hobbies anymore.. 

** I used to sew, and was hoping to get a second income out of it, but thanks to my actual second income, that's dropped to the wayside..  Hopefully, once I get a room where I can just sit for a couple hours (because anyone that crafts knows that you can't just sit for like 15 minutes and craft, it's more like 2-3 hours) and not worry about wasting time cleaning up my project..

** I'm hoping I can start getting into reading again on a regular basis.. We all go through spurts of activity, and I'm no exception.. I can read four books in a day, and then not pick up another one for two months.. lol.. I'm sure others relate to this..

** In my heart of hearts (what exactly does that mean?? lol), I'd really love to bump this blog up..  But I don't know what to do to get more readers.. And then again, I really just miss the constant comments.. I love reading feedback, even if I think I deserve harsh comments sometimes..

But outside of reading, going on Pinterest, and sewing, I don't know what else to try.. I need to get out of my house, and find some people to socialize with.. even if it's for an hour.. :)   

I know I've asked this before, but any suggestions on possible hobbies?  Any ideas are welcomed.. 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


This post has been a long time coming.. Honestly, I'm ashamed of myself, but I've got to put this out there, because it will hold me accountable..  So here it goes..

My eating, even if it's in smaller portions, has gotten out of control..  I'm eating things that I CAN eat, but prolly SHOULDN'T eat..  Like tortillas.. or pasta..

I do eat my protein, but for the past few weeks, it's not been as much as I first started out.. this is mainly because I don't like milk again.. ugh!  I'm gonna try to start drinking milk again.. we'll see how that goes..

Over the past few days, I haven't been feeling much up to eating..  I thought it was originally because I got coffee on Sunday (instead of the non-fat hot chocolate I ordered) and drank about 1/4 of it.. Then I remembered that I wasn't supposed to have caffeine bc it dehydrates VSGers quickly.. BUT, now I'm not so sure that's the main reason why..

I've been drinking a lot of water, and I'm using the bathroom fine.. and yet, I am still finding it hard to eat.. No pain, just nausea.. it's like I'm back at the beginning of this whole thing.. and as I look at things, I'm wondering if this is something to do with it being my TOM..

I also have gotten out of any habit I made in the past few weeks.. So whoever called three weeks into the new year, I hope you get your reward.. lol.. This weekend I plan to work on some sort of a schedule for working out.. and I plan to get back into my cooking Pinterest recipes..

Here's to making better choices, and kicking laziness in the ass!!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Lazy Day...

So today was supposed to be my day for cooking.. Well, with all the rain we've been having (and are currently having), it's just made me feel so lazy!  And I deserve to have some of those days here and there.. Right?  :)

As of right now, all the ingredients are in my kitchen for Southwestern Stuffed Peppers.. Sounds really yummy, doesn't it?  I hope it turns out as good as it sounds.. lol..


Tomorrow morning, I am embarking on a first for me.. Well, a first in a LONG time.. I'm attempting a Spin Class.. I've heard lots of people praise them.. Hell, my pregnant cousin does this class!  If she can make it through (without going into labor), I hopefully can.. lol.. I just hope that I don't do any damage to my lady parts..

I'd love to know how many people have actually said this to their bosses.. lmao..


A friend of mine, Samien, just posted all of her intended races for 2013.. I love reading about her life, and she's definitely one of the people I talk to all the time.. She calls me her Indiana bestie, and I'd have to say the feeling is mutual.. She is my Minnesota bestie.. and I can't wait to actually meet her in July.. :)

So, while I may be partial, I figure we are all looking for some fun blogs to follow.. You should TOTALLY follow hers.. :)

Saturday, January 12, 2013


Sorry, I told myself I would work on keeping a normal blog routine going.. Especially since I have the time, just not the ideas I guess.. lol..

I've been reading all sorts of blogs, and trying to comment when I come up with something STELLAR to say.. lol.. and I've been trying to be active on Twitter more.. If you are on Twitter too, please leave me your "handle" in the comments and I'll follow you.. Wow, that sounds uber creepy, but it is what we do anymore.. right?!  :)


Today's entry isn't so much as weight loss related, even though I'm still progressively losing, as it is life related..  Lots has been happening, well it's lots to my boring life..

I'm starting to look into moving from my parents house.. I've pretty much picked the place, and am excited because they have a floor plan that I love still available.. and the manager is gonna let me put down part of my deposit to save that apartment for me.. AWESOME!!  Now, I just need to get my taxes done so I can put it down for the deposit (plus a little to put away)..


I also found this idea somewhere (I honestly can't remember where I found it, so if you know where/who it came for, please let me know so I can give them credit) about saving money.. Put $1 in for week 1, $2 for week 2... $51 for week 51, $52 for week 52.. Get it?  If you keep up with it, you can have almost $1400 saved by the end of the year.. I plan to do this, plus double the weeks I have two paychecks (for as long as I have two paychecks of course).. :)

And I plan to save my change and put it in the same savings account.. So hopefully I'll be able to save like $2,000 by the end of the year.. HOPEFULLY!

I'm still working on saving for the Paula Deen pots/pans.. :)  I have an extra paycheck this month, so I know I can probably get them regardless of how much I save.. Plus, I plan to get Amazon gift cards from Jay C, so I can earn gas points along with my pots/pans.. lol.. win/win situation, right?  :)


Tomorrow I plan to post my second week of Pinterest recipe.. I've been wanting to find a stuffed pepper recipe for FOREVER!  I finally found one!  So I'm planning to make it with ground turkey and I can't wait!!  I love stuffed peppers.. :) And they usually are lower in calories..

 Well, I'm off to finish my John Hughes marathon.. Have a good weekend!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Weekly Pinterest Recipe

One of my goals for January was to cook one Pinterest recipe a week.. and today was the first recipe of the month.. :)  And after the week I've had, this was a good recipe to do because I could start it in the crock pot and sleep while it was cooking.. lol

It's also the easiest recipe that I've ever come across.. pack of taco seasoning, chicken breasts, and salsa (I used 2 jars which I'm glad I did).. I didn't plan originally to use torilla shells (bc I'm trying to stay away from bread), but I got some from the store.. but forgot to get anything else, like sour cream or lettuce.. Thank goodness I had shredded cheese..

I broke this up into three different things, put two in the freezer and one in the fridge.. I'll be eating off it all week, I'm sure.. lol.. If you want the recipe, please click on the picture, it'll take you to the original post.. :)

Enjoy!  Now I'm kinda hungry, so I'm gonna go eat a popsicle..

Saturday, January 5, 2013

10 Things to Know After VS Surgery

A lot of people in my day-to-day life ask me questions about what I can/can't do, eat, and vice versa.. And I'm sure a lot of you know little about Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy, so I'm going to let you in on a little bit of info I've learned in the last 2 months..  Geez, it seems like it's been longer than that..

# 10. Right now, I can eat around 1/2 cup of food without feeling supremely full (and equally sick)..  This can be a little bit more, depending on the amount of carbs in it.. But for the most part, I can eat 1 piece of a large pizza, 2 chicken nuggets, or (barely) 1 pk of oatmeal..

#9.  I was warned that there would probably be some foods that I couldn't tolerate after the surgery.. So far, those foods are: eggs, salad, and regular yogurt..  I can eat greek yogurt really well, but I guess regular yogurt is too thin..  OH, and anything too dry..

#8.  Because I had my gallbladder taken out, I usually only eat the pizza or chicken nuggets when I'm out (and have no other option) or when I need to go #2.. Yes, constipation is an issue, but I'm working on balancing my protein and fiber.. lol

#7.  My dietary plan was interesting.. I was on a liquid diet for 5 days after coming home, then onto soft foods for 3 weeks.. It seems like I've been eating normal for for more than a month, but it truly has only been 4 weeks..  I also wasn't able to work out, more than walking, for 6 weeks, but I broke that at 4 because I was so BORED!!

#6.  As of right now, I've had no complications.. When I first arrived home, I was always worried about popping a stitch (even though I'm sure you have to drink/eat a bunch to do that).. But my health, while not horrible before surgery, has gotten so much better since.. I no longer have migraines, my legs/hips don't hurt after walking a lot, and my acid reflux that I had towards the end of my "waiting period" is gone again.. :)

#5.  I was told that my weight loss should be mostly done in 6 months.. And if I keep this rate of weight loss up, which I have ever intention to, I will have lost 120 lbs in 6 months.. :)  Which will put me in a good place to stay and hopefully be healthy and happy..

#4.  Eating and drinking is now something that I have to THINK about.. I no longer get hungry..  Which is awesome, but there are multiple people that become anorexic because of this (according to things I've read)..  Also, I am no longer able to drink while I eat.. It could cause me serious pain to do so.. I have to wait 30 minutes after eating to drink anything..  Which is an adjustment that I'm slowly getting used to..

#3.  I am supposed to take several different vitamins, multiple times a day.. I take a Flintstone vitamin twice a day, a calcium chewable three times a day, and a B12 chewable once a day..  and because the Flintstone vitamin has iron in it, I have to take all of these 2 hours apart from each other.. This is something I'm still having issues getting into my day, especially working..

#2.  Cooking for one is hard enough.. Cooking for 1/2 a person (which is what I usually eat) is that much harder.. Wasting food is something that we all, losing weight, struggle with at some time.. I'm getting past that issue, and starting to cook for myself (and freeze stuff for later)..

#1.  Eating too much is not an option.. Unless you want to make yourself throw up.. Which I hate.. ick!   And it's not a "stick your fingers down your throat" kind of sick.. It's a "run to the toilet and bend over" kind of sick.. You truly have no choice.. I've only avoided it (barely) by stretching myself out as far as possible.. And it's usually the worst feeling ever.. ugh!

This surgery was the best decision I've ever made.. BUT it's not an automatic fix.. It's more of a staple, because about 25% of the people that have this surgery regain most of their weight back.. I have someone that had this surgery that only lost 40lbs (the average is around 100lbs) because she doesn't exercise or eat as well as she should..  I don't want that to be me, so I will do everything I can to make this work..

Yes, I still have sweets.. But thanks to my limited stomach capacity, it's like 1 cookie or mini cheesecake.. I won't eat bread for another 10 months, bc I've been told not to.. I'm actually thinking I'm gonna try to avoid bread totally.. Now, this is just bread, not stuff like tortillas..

Well, hope this helps you understand more about what life is like for me, after surgery.. Look forward to new before/after pics next week.. :)

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Oh.. Em.. Gee..

On my Facebook page, I follow another page called Running to Disney.. and it gave me an idea.. no, more of a goal..  Next January, I will be running/walking in the Tinker Bell Half Marathon in California!  I think this is a doable goal, especially since the 2013 race hasn't been done yet..

The only thing I can see standing in my way of this goal is finances.. The race itself is $150 (if I register in July).. not to mention all the fun stuff during the weekend.. Yep, it's a whole weekend of Tinker Bell related stuff!  AND I WANT TO GO SO BAD!!  Anyone that knows me knows of my love for Tink.. I have her tattooed on my shoulder blade.. I'm planning to eventually do a Tinkerbell Christmas tree (that'll take a bit though, and it'll prolly only be a small table tree).. Tinkerbell reminds me of the magical possibilities in the world.. :)

Okay, back to the half marathon stuff.. According to the website, I've got to maintain a 16 minute mile.. and I'm not sure what my pace is right now, but I will find out soon.. I was worried about running in the cold, but according to the weather, it's like Spring over there.. So I'm getting more excited.. :)

After looking at other things involved with this, I'm realizing I'm going to have to save a lot of money to make this possible.. I'd say probably $1,000 for the whole thing (because I can't go to California without spending money.. lol).. With it being over 2,000 miles away, driving is definitely not an option, so I'll be flying for probably the first time ever.. and then I'll have to rent a car or take public transportation (which is the likely option).. and then $100/day hotel stay.. geez! BUT, this is a once in a lifetime thing.. So I'm gonna try my hardest to do it..

I'm off to get some sleep now.. Good night!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


As I sit here wondering how honest I should be with this entry, I realize if I can't tell you all, I'll never be able to talk to strangers.. lol.. So here I am.. Writing how scared I am to start dating again.. How I wish I could tell the guy I like that I'd love to go out with him (but I'm scared of ruining the friendship we have), even if we live 2 1/2 hours from each other.. Geez, I hope he doesn't read this.. lol

Confession: I haven't been on a date in almost 5 years..

I used to hate dating.. because guys always expected things from you, it seemed.. I get that if it goes well, I may kiss a guy.. But thinking you are gonna get into my pants on a first date is outrageous to me.. but supposedly I'm in a world that doesn't exist anymore..

I believe that guys should open doors for girls and that they should always pay (and leave a good tip).. I want a guy that actually pays attention to what I say.. And supposedly this is asking a lot..

After saying all this, as of now, I plan to join Match.com later this week.. if my paycheck allows it.. and while I wish this guy would ask ME out, I'm not waiting around.. I may get up the nerve to ask HIM out.. lol.. BUT, until that happens, I will get myself out there.. Hopefully it will be a good experience..  :)

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Goals For January..

My goals are simple, and mostly focus around my life.. but some of them are fitness related..  because it wouldn't be the beginning of a new year without fitness goals, right?!

I will be putting these up on the left side of my blog, under my weigh ins, so I can keep myself accountable.. :)

Goals for January:
** Cook (from a recipe) at least once a week
(and post recipe and turnout on here)
** Workout at least 4 times a week
(this means SOME kind of activity)
** Save up enough money to buy these.. aren't they cute?!
(I've already got $45 towards it)


If you don't "like" my page on Facebook, you should!  lol, just kidding, kinda.. But if you did like it, you'd know I am doing a giveaway for reaching 50 "Likes".. While I've reached 50, I'm still gonna wait until Friday at 10pm to draw, so you can still enter.. PLUS, you get an additional entry for being a follower of my blog!  So check out my page:


Okay, I just have to brag about my bestie, Amanda!  She has the cutest kids (even though they're getting to that age where ya just wanna tape their mouths closed.. lol.. just kidding),and they got me a present, she got me a present and her hubby got me a present.. I loved all of them!  Here's some pics of what they got me.. 

Yep, that's a frying pan..

A PINK frying pan!!  Love it!!

Amanda's hubby got me this for my new car.. :)

The kiddos got me these bc I always complain about their fingerprints
all over my windows after we go somewhere.. lol

I'm so close to 40 lbs lost that I can taste it.. literally .4 lbs away.. Hopefully it'll be there by tomorrow.. :)  BUT, recently I tried on some "before" underwear.. Guys, you might not have this issue, but girls, you know what I'm talking about.. Once my ass got too big to fit into my pretty underwear, I went into the plain BGP's (Big Girl Panties).. They are plain, one color, and usually high waisted.. Well, I noticed at Christmas that they were turning into Urkel panties.. lol.. so I tried on a pair of my "before" panties.. and I'm an underwear/bra snob most of the time, so I only wear Victoria's Secret underwear/bras.. and THEY FIT!!  So, I grabbed all the BGP's and threw them in the trash!!  I'd have burned those suckers if it weren't illegal in town.. lol

Goodbye BGP's.. May I never see you again!!

Okay, onto fitness stuff.. Last but not least, I guess..  Today's post is chock full of pictures.. I hope you enjoy and are laughing at some of them (like the last one).. :)

I recently found a FB page that issued a challenge.. A Dive-bomb challenge.. Now, if you've never heard of these, I suggest you look it up, bc I'm too tired to go on Youtube (so just typed Youbutt before fixing it.. lmao) right now.. They are hard core.. I did one, and while going down wasn't a problem, getting back up was interesting.. I have some serious leg muscles (or I did) but I have no upper body strength whatsoever.. I'm hoping this will change that.. 

I also am doing a Plank challenge (which is gonna be hard as hell) and by the end of the month, I'm supposedly gonna be able to do a 4 minute plank.. I'm not holding my breath, but I will be able to do one for longer than a minute, I hope..  Oh, and I'm doing a squat challenge.. Working my way up to 100 squats by the end of the month (going up by 5's)..  I hurt already.. lol


I hope you all had a wonderful AND SAFE New Years Eve.. and that you all are making ATTAINABLE goals for however long you plan to make them.. because they are YOUR goals.. :)

Good night!

Accountability Picture: Day 1

Happy New Years!!

Happy New Year, to all of my wonderful followers!  I'll be back tomorrow to talk about my challenge I'm participating in for January.. :)

Be safe!!