Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Delay in Post..

Well, I shoulda known I'd jinx myself putting a time deadline on my giveaway post.. my computer shut itself off (thanks to a virus I THOUGHT I got rid of) before I could finish writing on it.. :(

So hopefully tomorrow afternoon I'll have it up, somehow.. Sorry peeps!  Hope you had a wonderful Tuesday.. :)

Opinions Needed..

Alright, so one of my other 28 in 28 items is to get involved with a charity.. and I'm at the point where I've thought of all my options and I'm stuck on 2 main charities..  And this is where YOUR opinion comes in.. I want the pros, cons, options, anything that comes into your head.. Bc your perspective is prolly different than mine.. What charities am I stuck on?? 

SmileTrain holds a special place in my heart.. bc I was born with a cleft lip.  For those who have no idea what this is, please go to the SmileTrain website.. while most of these cases are extreme, most cases have the same issues because of the cleft.  Some kids are lucky enough to JUST have the cleft lip.. Most kids get the cleft palate (the roof of your mouth) along with the cleft lip.  Thanks to military surgeons, I am blessed to have the smallest scar I've EVER seen on a cleft lip patient.. but not a lot of people are that lucky, even in the US..

I am an animal lover.. The commercials for this organization (or any animal saving organization, for that matter) make me tear up so much that I turn the channel, mute the tv, or walk out of the room to avoid seeing those poor animals..  And while I plan to get involved with my local humane society in some way, I'm wanting to do more..

So, those are the two charities I'm stuck on.. And while I'd love to give to both, right now I just can't see the financial ability to do so AND be able to move out in March (which HAS to happen.. lol)..

 Please be on the lookout around 9pm EST for all the 411 on this giveaway.. Seriously, I love this stuff and can't wait to give away the same product to try that I got to TWO OF YOU.. It's amazing!!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Oops, My Bad..

Okay, so I posted earlier about a giveaway.. and how I was gonna post it tonight.. um, so I totally forgot that I'm working tonight.. lol.. this weekend totally threw me off.. and having today off did too..

So as of right now, I will be posting about it tomorrow night.. *cross my heart*  hehe..

On another note, did anyone else get out today and do any shopping/returns?? I did.. at first bc my momma wanted me to (sorry, I'm watching The Help.. the southern is coming out), and then bc I found some good deals..

I went to Wal-Mart.. got some good deals (including two recordable Hallmark books for my neice's next 2 Christmas').. went to Best Buy to do a return (and ended up on tv).. and then to Target (and found Beiber wrapping paper.. wow, what's next?!)..

OH!  I made a step towards getting into the dating scene again.. lol.. I got the Match.com app for my phone.. ;)  Does eharmony have one??   

It's That Time of Year Again..

Well, it's almost the end of 2011.. lots of people, now that Christmas is "technically" over, are reflecting over all the have (or have NOT) accomplished and what they want to accomplish in 2012.. Well, if you have been following me (and are still reading) for a while, you know I have NOT accomplished anything I set out to do in 2011..  Honestly, I can only blame myself and my lack of any kind of "you can do it" attitude..  

BUT.. I'm hoping to make 2012 my year.. and I'm sure I said that last year, but this time, I mean it.. Why this time?!  While I had a wonderful Christmas, my mom made a comment this year that kinda hit home REALLY hard..  My mom had a pair of yoga pants (size XXL) that she'd been saving for almost 2 years that she finally was able to give me this year.. She literally said the following: "You've been skinny the past two Christmas', but this year you have gained some weight, so I can finally give them to you"..


Along with the fact that I am back at the point where I can eat TWO McDonald's breakfast sandwiches and still be hungry a couple hours later, I'm considering this my rock bottom..

Yep, that's me.. 11 days ago.. at the Colts vs Titans game.. :)  I smile bc of the game, not the picture.. lol.. the picture was an eye-opener.. 

So, what's my plan?!  

** I'm going to take everything one day at a time.. 
** I will weigh in on the 1st of January, and post it (along with my measurements) up here.. 
** I will be more active in my blogging..
** I will make sure I do atleast 1 thing a week to expand my knowledge, interests, and/or hobbies..

Alright, last but not least.. does anyone remember me talking about a giveaway I was planning to do?!  Well, look for all of that TONIGHT!!  I promise, the entry is already half finished, but I have to go run some errands or it'd be up now.. lol..  It's a really great giveaway, and I have TWO to giveaway.. So, have a great day after Christmas.. TTFN!

Thursday, December 8, 2011


So, I've updated the blog a little bit.. Hope ya like the changes.. :)

** To keep myself a little more accountable, I've put all my Weight Watchers weigh in's on the left side of the blog.. I like the look of two columns, not sure why I changed it..  let me know if stuff is too small to see though.. :)

** I finally finished my 28 at 28 goals.. while some have been deleted/changed, I added a couple too..  I can't wait to start checking these off after the start of the new year.. :)  Currently, I'm working on a couple of them, but they won't be checked off my list until they truly happen..  So keep checking in..

Sorry I haven't been around much, again life is just crazy.. I'm blogging at work right now.. I have the Blogger app, I just keep forgetting to use it.. :(