Thursday, December 8, 2011


So, I've updated the blog a little bit.. Hope ya like the changes.. :)

** To keep myself a little more accountable, I've put all my Weight Watchers weigh in's on the left side of the blog.. I like the look of two columns, not sure why I changed it..  let me know if stuff is too small to see though.. :)

** I finally finished my 28 at 28 goals.. while some have been deleted/changed, I added a couple too..  I can't wait to start checking these off after the start of the new year.. :)  Currently, I'm working on a couple of them, but they won't be checked off my list until they truly happen..  So keep checking in..

Sorry I haven't been around much, again life is just crazy.. I'm blogging at work right now.. I have the Blogger app, I just keep forgetting to use it.. :(


  1. Not too small, but if peeps can't see it well enough they can hold down the control button and roll up one click on their mouse roller ball to blow up the page a bit...

  2. I love your goals! Good luck!!!!