Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Opinions Needed..

Alright, so one of my other 28 in 28 items is to get involved with a charity.. and I'm at the point where I've thought of all my options and I'm stuck on 2 main charities..  And this is where YOUR opinion comes in.. I want the pros, cons, options, anything that comes into your head.. Bc your perspective is prolly different than mine.. What charities am I stuck on?? 

SmileTrain holds a special place in my heart.. bc I was born with a cleft lip.  For those who have no idea what this is, please go to the SmileTrain website.. while most of these cases are extreme, most cases have the same issues because of the cleft.  Some kids are lucky enough to JUST have the cleft lip.. Most kids get the cleft palate (the roof of your mouth) along with the cleft lip.  Thanks to military surgeons, I am blessed to have the smallest scar I've EVER seen on a cleft lip patient.. but not a lot of people are that lucky, even in the US..

I am an animal lover.. The commercials for this organization (or any animal saving organization, for that matter) make me tear up so much that I turn the channel, mute the tv, or walk out of the room to avoid seeing those poor animals..  And while I plan to get involved with my local humane society in some way, I'm wanting to do more..

So, those are the two charities I'm stuck on.. And while I'd love to give to both, right now I just can't see the financial ability to do so AND be able to move out in March (which HAS to happen.. lol)..

 Please be on the lookout around 9pm EST for all the 411 on this giveaway.. Seriously, I love this stuff and can't wait to give away the same product to try that I got to TWO OF YOU.. It's amazing!!

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  1. Ok, so do you want to donate to them or be a volunteer, and if so, what might you be able to do for the Smile Train? I know for ASPCA you can do a variety of chores, but what actual activities would you enjoy doing more? I should warn you that if the ASPCA commercials get to you, then working in your local shelter may not be a good idea. They are REALLY depressing, the animals are often depressed for being in there, and the 'hold' times on the animals is pretty short, so it might be heartbreaking to know the next time you go to the shelter they might not be there anymore, and not because they got adopted...that is the reason I decided to volunteer at a no-kill shelter, as there is no pressure for me to rescue and save every sweet pair of eyes that I see behind bars, because I know they will be there until they are adopted. You might be a better match with Smile Train because of your personal connection...I bet you could be very convincing to donors!