Sunday, January 15, 2012

It's Over Folks!

My Zipfizz giveaway is over.. sorry about the delay, but with my computer on the fritz I can't get to the other one in the house too often (if at all) when I'm home..  So without further ado, the two winners of my giveaway are:


Please send me your addresses to fabchallenge gmail com.. I will then forward your addresses to the Zipfizz representative that will then send out your winnings.. :)  Thanks to all that entered, and I look forward to doing more throughout the year.. 

That's it for now.. On Tuesday, I'm going to try to post my "starting pics"..  eek!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Weird Things..

Some weird things are going on in my head.. lol.. honestly, I love it, bc most of them make me giggle.. :)

One of the two main reasons (other than health reasons) I need to make this my year to lose this weight is bc my drivers license expires this year.. NO MORE FAT PICTURES!!

The other reason is because my insurance gives me a discount every year i meet my 'wellness goals' and one is to lose 10% of my body weight.. the discount adds up to over $500 a year!  That's a big deal!  

Oh, and just in case you've just tuned in.. I'm doing a giveaway.. you should enter, bc who doesn't love free stuff, right?!

Well, i'm finally sleepy.. catch y'all on twitter.. :)

Monday, January 9, 2012

Things I Expect

I am terrified about tomorrow's Weight Watchers meeting.. Honestly, I expect a lot of stuff tomorrow..

I expect to feel disgusted with myself..
I expect to see the scale say 260-something..
I expect this to be the LAST time I ever see that number again..
I expect to take this (and my health) seriously..
I expect to prolly cry when I get done weighing in (or at least wanting to)..

and, I expect to see lots of encouraging blogs to make this journey easier.. just knowing there are other people in the same boat as me will make it that much better for me.. :)

Btw, have you entered my giveaway from Zipfizz yet?? Well, you should.. it's really quite easy.. :)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 Resolutions..

My New Years Resolutions are pretty simple..  This way I don't end up screwing them up too much.. lol

1. Cross as many things off my 28 at 28 as I can
2. Finally find my fabulosity
3. Actively go to the gym
4. Get as close to 165 lbs as possible
5. Pay off as many outstanding bills as possible

A lot of my resolutions are part of my 28 at 28 page.. So be sure to check it out, and I'll be sure to update ya (prolly on a monthly basis).. :)

Are you making resolutions?? Are you making some that AREN'T weight loss related? 

Happy 2012..

Well, hopefully you've seen my post (FINALLY!) about my giveaway.. I hope you enter, at least once.. :)  But if you don't, that's okay too.. I guess.. ;)

I went online today and saw the yearly horoscopes and had to post mine.. I follow my horoscope pretty losely, but I do follow it.. and I just had to post's version of my upcoming year.. :)

Scorpio, 2012 is your year of reckoning! You worked yourself to the bone in 2011, and now you've hit a major impasse. You've got until October to continue experimenting with what you want out of life; after that, big decisions must be made. Saturn is about to take up residence in your constellation for the first time in nearly 30 years. This planet rules karma, time and integrity, so each of these will be key themes throughout the year. Your values will be tested during the last quarter of the year, so get all your ducks in a row by then to avoid the stress of Saturn's inquisition. The good news is that a weight is about to be lifted from your consciousness, and all the background melancholy you may have felt over the past few years should lighten up.

A major eclipse pattern takes hold of your stars in autumn 2012. November's total solar eclipse in Scorpio is sure to rock the very foundation of your life, so get ready for some major shifts in your relationships. Your life will definitely not be the same by the time 2013 rolls around. You're a butterfly and a phoenix - expect to shed some major skin this year.

This could also be one of the most socially driven years you've ever seen. With Mars activating your house of friendship and goals in the sign of Virgo, expect a majority of your energy to be engaged with a barrage of social situations. It's all for a good cause, however, and will translate into your bigger life goals; in fact, a good portion of the parties you attend will have some sort of work component behind them. And with glamorous Neptune moving back into your pleasure sector in February, life will suddenly become very art-house cinema for you.

Sounds like 2012 is gonna be my year.. Which is what I figured in the first place.. lol.. but it's nice to know my horoscope won't be working AGAINST me.. :)  And guess what?!  I'll be posting once more today, about my resolutions.. YAY!!

It's a New Year's Giveaway!!

Well, I'd love to know how many people actually thought I'd get this up here when I said I would.. I may be a couple minutes late, but if you could see all the shopping bag I had to load into my house, you'd understand.. lol.. But enough about that, let's get on with what this giveaway is for!!!  :)

** UPDATE: My computer SHOULD be virus-free now.. fingers crossed **

I was approached by Nichole from Zipfizz around the end of November about trying their product and doing a review of it.. I must say, I was skeptical at first.. But in the end I figured what could it hurt.. It was free, it sounded like a good idea, and they approached me.. So I e-mailed her back and got my little package in the mail about a week later.  It came in this cute little plastic wrapped water bottle.. with 6 tubes inside for me to try..

My bottle, after using it a couple of times..

Then it came with all these nifty little tubes..
We all have seen different energy mixes, supplements, and drinks..  And if you have followed me for any length of time on here or twitter, you know I need anything I can get to keep me going from one job to another..  While I used to use 5 hour energy drinks every now and then, I didn't use them unless I was super tired, bc they gave me heartburn..  Zipfizz doesn't do that!!  It's like a water mix that you'd normally put into a water bottle and shake up.. Honestly!!  It has a little zing to it, but NOTHING like some of the other energy drinks that I've tasted.

Okay, enough mumbo jumbo.. Here's the good stuff!  I have 2, yes 2, of these little gifty sets to give away.. So we will have two winners, and to be fair they will be generated by How do you enter?  Well, it's easy.. and you get one entry for every thing you do below.. :)

1. Write a comment below about one of your 2012 resolutions
2. Tweet about this giveaway (AND make sure to tag me in it @fabchallenge)
3. Blog about this giveaway and let me know in a comment on here
4. Go to their website, find your nearest store that sells Zipfizz and write it in a comment on here
5. Like my Facebook page 

You get one entry for each of the four things you do.  This giveaway will end on 01/14/2012 at 10am.. so you have two weeks to do all this.. I wish you all the luck, and I hope you had a wonderful ending to 2011 and wish you all the hapiness in 2012!!