Saturday, April 19, 2014

Changes Are Coming..

I've been mulling over some changes for a while.. And while I haven't absolutely decided on all of them, I do know that I will be getting more focused on my entries.. There will be entries about random life happenings, but for the most part, the blog will be focusing on some of the following: 

* Crafting/Pinterest projects
* Learning how to save money
* How to make it on a single girl's salary in a small city

The last one is important to me.. Mainly because all the 'single girl' blogs I've seen are of girls in LA or NYC, etc.. I live in Southern Indiana.. The closest I live to a big city is 30 minutes, and that's just Louisville, Kentucky.. Lol

Everything I read is about how to budget on a single income with a family.. I don't need to know how to buy groceries for under $50/week, I need to know how to buy groceries for under $50/month (you get my drift, right?!)!

It is my hope to help others, as I'm helping myself.. But to do that, I plan to do my research before I even start blogging about this.. Because right now, I'm sure no one would take my advice on saving money, as I'm stupid when it comes to saving money.. So, as of right now, I am planning to start this new 'road' on the 1st of May.. 

I'm going to figure out how to put together a budget.. I'm going to figure out how to get my grocery budget down as much as possible (while still keeping it healthy).. And try to keep it interesting at the same time.. 

So, see ya on May 1st..