Thursday, March 22, 2012

Seething Mad..

Those two words in my title express my anger really well right now..  I just got back from court and I can't believe how screwed up Scott County is.. I'm in the same court room as people who owe over $3000 in rent and criminals.. All because a company couldn't bother to waste some paper to send me a bill over the past two years?!  REALLY?!

I get there 15 minutes early...............
8:30am rolls around, no judge..............

Of course, I've only had one experience with judges/trials, and compared to this one, the last one was great!
After all the civil cases were gone through (not including mine and 2 other people for the same company), they proceeded to tell us that "they talk to you out in the hallway and she's already been here and left"..  Which means that it was put into a default judgement.. Why is it so hard for people to look into the courtroom and make an announcement that they are looking for certain people?!  The other court did it, so why can't they?!  So I had to walk across the street (which isn't the point, mind you) and basically be talked to with the other 2 people standing right there..

Of course, I was so pissed by now that I just wanted to get it over with.. no arguements, just sign the papers and agree to payments..  which I am now regretting.. DAMN IT!  I wish I had just stuck to my guns about going to trial to get the interest down bc of lack of paperwork on their part..  So I am now paying $25/month until the $600-some odd is gone..  yay me (insert sarcasm)..

Did I mention that I've been awake since 4pm yesterday?!  Yeah, I'm one big bundle of hapiness right now.. lmao.. I'm off to take a nap and then do some gardening.. :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Well, since I was put "on-call" for my shift tonight, I decided to write about my project I was talking about in my last entry..  So, I turned 28 in November, and I have always wanted children.. the older I get, the weirder my insight into having kids gets..

In high school, I wanted this big wedding..
I always said I would go into debt for my wedding..

At 24, I definitely realized that I wanted a marriage, not just a wedding..
I wanted to find a guy, get married and have a family..

At 28, I'm starting to realize that having a marriage/husband isn't necessarily in the cards for everyone..
I want a family.. even if that family doesn't include a dad/husband..

I refuse to wait for a relationship to happen to make my dreams happen.. So my "project" for right now is to start saving to become a single mom.. *insert gasps here*  Yes, I realize what I'm getting myself into, to a certain point.. Things will happen that I have no idea what to do about, but I plan to do this no matter what..

My saving is going to happen until I turn 30.. However, this plan will have some contingencies.. I will consider putting this plan on hold if, and ONLY IF, I happen to be in a significant relationship on my 30th birthday..  If not, I plan to be trying to get pregnant by New Years 2014..  :)

Just writing this entry makes me smile from ear to ear..  Bc I want this more than I want anything else in life.. But I also know that other things need to happen between now and then to make it easier to raise a child..  Such as graduating from college with at least my Associates Degree.. and getting my bills under control.. I have, however, already figured out how to start saving for my medical expenses.. I have a HSA account that I don't use like I thought I would (thanks to payroll deduction), and I put in $50 a paycheck (plus my work puts in $750 a year) into the account as of right now.. So, I figure by the time I need to start looking for *wait for it* sperm, I will have enough money to not worry about how to pay for it..

Well, just got called into work.. Off I go!  :)

I Hate Bills..

Especially medical bills.. But anyone who likes them is crazy, I guess..

I got a summons for tomorrow back in February for a little over $400 in past medical bills.. and all I could say to myself is "REALLY?!"  I have tried to get this collection agency to send me a bill to make payments over the past two years..  and thanks to my paper hoarding, I have proof that I haven't received a bill from them since 2008..

My game plan?  To go into that court and offer to do payroll deductions for the PRINCIPLE amount.  I will fight to the death to not have to pay for the filing fee or the interest, since I have tried to contact and get paper bills from them for the past few years.  We'll see I guess if it works..  fingers crossed that it does, bc seriously that's another $200 added to the amount..

That is $200 that could be going towards my next project.. which is for another blog entry.. ;) 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I'm sitting here, in my grandmother's bed (bc it's super soft and I love sleeping here when she's out of town), and I can't sleep..  I hate when this happens, bc it's usually due to a headache or pain of some sort..

** Guys, this is when you should prolly go back to your other websites.. lol **

Now that's out of the way.. 

Tonight, it's a little of everything.. thanks to TOM..  Yay me *insert sarcasm*

What makes it worse is that I've recently had an IUD implanted.. Yep, almost a month ago, I got Mirena put in and I've been cramping ever since.. ugh!  I knew it would possibly be a complication, but I thought it would be worth it in the end, bc it would regulate everything.. and I do have to admit that it has lessened my "flow" so I can tell..  

The one thing that scares me is that it can come out.. and I've heard several people say that it has happened to them..  I've got my follow up appointment to make sure it's where it's supposed to be on Monday, so hopefully my OB/GYN will be able to put my mind at ease..

Anyone else have Mirena?  or another kind of IUD?