Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Well, since I was put "on-call" for my shift tonight, I decided to write about my project I was talking about in my last entry..  So, I turned 28 in November, and I have always wanted children.. the older I get, the weirder my insight into having kids gets..

In high school, I wanted this big wedding..
I always said I would go into debt for my wedding..

At 24, I definitely realized that I wanted a marriage, not just a wedding..
I wanted to find a guy, get married and have a family..

At 28, I'm starting to realize that having a marriage/husband isn't necessarily in the cards for everyone..
I want a family.. even if that family doesn't include a dad/husband..

I refuse to wait for a relationship to happen to make my dreams happen.. So my "project" for right now is to start saving to become a single mom.. *insert gasps here*  Yes, I realize what I'm getting myself into, to a certain point.. Things will happen that I have no idea what to do about, but I plan to do this no matter what..

My saving is going to happen until I turn 30.. However, this plan will have some contingencies.. I will consider putting this plan on hold if, and ONLY IF, I happen to be in a significant relationship on my 30th birthday..  If not, I plan to be trying to get pregnant by New Years 2014..  :)

Just writing this entry makes me smile from ear to ear..  Bc I want this more than I want anything else in life.. But I also know that other things need to happen between now and then to make it easier to raise a child..  Such as graduating from college with at least my Associates Degree.. and getting my bills under control.. I have, however, already figured out how to start saving for my medical expenses.. I have a HSA account that I don't use like I thought I would (thanks to payroll deduction), and I put in $50 a paycheck (plus my work puts in $750 a year) into the account as of right now.. So, I figure by the time I need to start looking for *wait for it* sperm, I will have enough money to not worry about how to pay for it..

Well, just got called into work.. Off I go!  :)

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  1. Good for you for making things happen for you!