Saturday, April 19, 2014

Changes Are Coming..

I've been mulling over some changes for a while.. And while I haven't absolutely decided on all of them, I do know that I will be getting more focused on my entries.. There will be entries about random life happenings, but for the most part, the blog will be focusing on some of the following: 

* Crafting/Pinterest projects
* Learning how to save money
* How to make it on a single girl's salary in a small city

The last one is important to me.. Mainly because all the 'single girl' blogs I've seen are of girls in LA or NYC, etc.. I live in Southern Indiana.. The closest I live to a big city is 30 minutes, and that's just Louisville, Kentucky.. Lol

Everything I read is about how to budget on a single income with a family.. I don't need to know how to buy groceries for under $50/week, I need to know how to buy groceries for under $50/month (you get my drift, right?!)!

It is my hope to help others, as I'm helping myself.. But to do that, I plan to do my research before I even start blogging about this.. Because right now, I'm sure no one would take my advice on saving money, as I'm stupid when it comes to saving money.. So, as of right now, I am planning to start this new 'road' on the 1st of May.. 

I'm going to figure out how to put together a budget.. I'm going to figure out how to get my grocery budget down as much as possible (while still keeping it healthy).. And try to keep it interesting at the same time.. 

So, see ya on May 1st.. 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Whoops.. Let's Recap.. Part Two..

We'll start the second part of this entry with lots of pictures.. From my trip to VA..

I can't remember if I posted the pics from my last trip to VA, but I looked HORRIBLE.. It was August 2012, so it was 3 months before my surgery, and I was just so uncomfortable..  My goal this trip was to retake those pics.. And boy was I pleased with them..

Plus, my nephew was added to the pics!! He's so cute!! I didn't realize how much I missed them until I got there.. And then when I left, I cried when I got to the stop sign.. I loved being there and helping my SIL run around after them.. 



I did a lot of couponing while I was there.. Lol.. What can I say, they have better coupons in VA, and I had to go to some of the stores we don't have in IN.. :)  I got some good deals.. lol

When I came back from my vacation, it was kinda back to the grindstone with work.. This winter has KILLED my pocketbook.. My electric bill went up by $200 a month.. That's $200 I honestly barely have.. So I've been trying to pick up extra shifts, do extra work, sell stuff, to pick up the slack..  But I've noticed that when I get stressed, I like to go couponing.. Not shopping, persay, because I don't buy stuff unless it's a good deal (like almost free).. And that's not helping my money situation.. 

So I've decided that I will stop couponing for a while.. Now, let me make this clear, I will still use coupons, but I am no longer buying for my stockpile.. My stockpile is crazy anymore.. I honestly will not need razors, toothbrushes, toothpaste, cleaning solutions, for at least a year if not longer..  I just need this winter to end, so I can get back to a normal budget.. This money crap is stressing me out..

Well, I think that's it in a nut shell.. I'm trying to work on a giveaway for my Facebook page.. It just hit 100 likes!!  YAY!!  So be on the look out for it.. :)

Whoops.. Let's Recap.. Part One..

It's been over 6 weeks since my last post.. And it's basically because it's been a busy six weeks..

So, let's recap a little.. And to make this not too horrible, I plan to make it two parts.. And have lots of pictures.. Lol

I'm starting to wonder why I'd make "Tax Return Month" a NO SPEND month.. lol.. Especially with my vacation to VA, I needed to spend money on stocking up on stuff.. So, I was HOPING to make March a no spend month.. Well, that didn't work out..

I did get my tax return.. It was about as much as it was last year.. But since I'm behind on a couple of important bills (thanks somewhat to my ex, but mostly because of myself), I paid most of it to them.. I did get to spend a little of it, but not all of it.. Because that is not the grown up thing to do.. Being a grown up sucks sometimes, as I'm sure most of you know..

I am happy that I at least paid off my credit card bill!!  YAY!!  On the other hand, I also used it on my trip.. But I will work on paying it off again in the future..

** I got a Kindle!!  I used my change that I saved up and bought a Refurbished one.. It works just fine, comes with the 1 year Amazon warranty, and cost me $10 less than a "new" one.. I'm okay with used stuff, especially when it saves me money.. I've used it a lot already, and I've read 6 books already!! :)

** My 'goodbye to bad foods' didn't work out bc, honestly, I'm just tired of being so busy.. Yes, I know I could find time to make nice meals.. I know I could make something in the crock pot.. But when it's just me, and I can barely afford frozen food, let alone fresh stuff, it's just easier right now..

** I am still losing weight, just slowly.. I'm at 192.8 right now.. And I hope to get my ass in gear tomorrow and make a workout happen.. I truly wish I had a friend close to me was trying to lose weight also.. My girl, Kristy, tries to stay in touch with me, but she's 8 hours away..


Friday, February 14, 2014

Admitting Defeat

Not sure how to start this entry, so I'll just start with the facts..

Living with ADD is hard!!

You've got the skeptics..
You've got the true disbelievers..
You've got the confused people..
And most of us with ADD/ADHD have to deal with them everyday..

I was looking for ADD/ADHD memes to make this entry a little more "colorful" (aka less words, more funny pics), and found this piece above.. This kind of thinking makes me see red..  If this was true, I'd be totally "normal" because I was blessed to have a stay at home mom for most of my younger childhood (who spanked me and loved me) and we had good food to eat, not lots of processed crap.. 

I realize that in the society we are in now, parents want the easy answers to why their kids are the way they are.. And doctors seem to want to give it to them.. I get that.. But ADD/ADHD is a honest to God problem..  One that I personally have tried to take on without medication several different times..

This last time was right before my surgery.. I'd stopped taking my Vyvanse right before my VSG surgery (11/07/13), in hopes that my weight loss would help with my energy and concentration issues..  And it did.. For about a year.. Then I got to a place my body was comfortable with, weight wise, and then I started noticing how "lazy" I was getting.. This was about 6 months ago..

** To anyone reading this, please know that I am a HYPOactive ADDer.. I am in no way a ADHDer because of my HYPOactivity.. Just wanted to throw that out there **

I am a very creative person.. I have a craft room that has all sorts of goodies in it.. And I hadn't touched it in a while.. Don't get me wrong, like most ADDers, I'd get bursts of creativity randomly, but they'd never last very long and I'd start something and not finish it.. You should see my bucket of "unfinished projects" (I had to get a bigger bucket because the other one was overflowing).. It's ridiculous..

I can sit somewhere and let 2 hours pass before I realize I have accomplished nothing.. I will have a list of things to do (lists are SUPER important to ADD/ADHDers) and they won't matter because my brain has gone into "zone out" mode.. Totally unintentional, but it happens..

I have a very active job.. I work in an Emergency Room for heavens sake.. I love it, because while you do the same things almost all the time, it's in a variety of ways (and with a serious variety of people) that don't make it boring.. This job is perfect for me, for now..  I also only work 3-12 hour shifts (instead of the 5-8 hour shifts that I'd grown to hate in my previous jobs), so I have time to recoup..

I started noticing that I was letting things "slip" at work.. I was falling into old habits, such as sitting around when there was stuff I could have been doing.. Reasoning with myself that I would do it later, then forgetting about it..  I could tell some of my coworkers were starting to see it too, which I hated the most.. We all want to be liked, right?!

SO....... I finally admitted defeat with my "battle" and went to see the doctor about getting back on my Vyvanse.. I used to be on 50mg, but with my stomach being 25% the size of a normal stomach now, I wanted to start off at the bottom and see if that worked..  I'm also seeing a new doctor, so I was worried that he'd think I was a "drug seeker" or something.. He was perfectly nice and agreed that a low dose was a good idea and we'd work up to more if I needed it..

I have, of course, already seen improvements.. I'm just hoping they stick around so I don't have to up my mg's, but if I do I will..


My hope in writing these ADD posts is that someone SOMEWHERE will read it and realize that they are not alone.. Or that it's completely normal, what they are going through.. If I help one person realize that living with ADD/ADHD isn't completely horrible, I'm grateful..  If anyone out there has any questions about ADD/ADHD, please feel free to leave a comment, or email me at

Friday, January 31, 2014

January Recap..

It's already the end of January, in case you hadn't noticed.. lol.. And while I haven't accomplished much this month, I've learned a lot of what not to do in the future..


Here is my "savings jar".. It's an Equal jar that I cleaned out.. :)

I put ALL of my change in here, I don't spend any change at all.. So at the end of the day, it all goes in here.. I started saving prolly right before Christmas, and so far I've saved $34.94.. :)  The bad part is that I've saved and used almost all my $1's and $5's.. I've only got $3 saved that way.. I've had to use a lot of my money, including all my eBay sales, for groceries and gas..

I'm learning that I need to bring in more money than my job is currently allowing me to.. While I'm trying to work some overtime, I either get called off or I have so many deductions that it makes the overtime disappear.. SO, I've decided that February 1st to the 22nd is a NO SPEND PERIOD..  If it's not on my budget, it's not happening..

Another goal for February is to bring in at least $200 outside income.. I'm going to try making stethoscope covers and maybe nightlights and sell them on Etsy.. And then I will still sell things on eBay.. Just filed my tax return.. Should be getting a pretty decent return.. Plan on putting at least $500 in my savings account, then using most of it to get caught up on bills.. I also plan to buy a deep freezer for making things in bulk in the future..


** I wasn't able to finish Wicked as quickly as I'd planned originally.. I find it is a very long book (a little over 400 pages, with small words).. So I plan to finish it and still read another book in February..

** Got an appointment with the advisor at IUS to get classes scheduled for Summer 2014 in a couple of weeks.. I'm excited to get that ball rolling.. Gonna look into enrolling in an ASL class at UofL too, but I have to figure out if I have to pay another application fee..

** Getting excited about my trip to see my brother, SIL, niece and nephew.. Like, countdown excited.. lol.. I can't wait to take pics again at our grandpa's graves, I can't wait to see them (of course), and I can't wait to see their new house..

** I'm hoping to make a trip to Chicago in April.. To see Jeff Dunham.. But that all depends on if there are tickets when I get my tax return.. There are still good tickets left for Friday night..

Well, I hope you guys had a great January.. And here's to a great February.. :)

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


It always gets me in trouble.. Well, usually..

I'm thinking about this last month an how little I've accomplished.. While I plan to do a 'Monthly Recap', this is more of a 'get out of my head' entry.. 

I am behind on my reading.. I'm behind on one of my bills, bc I spent too much money on (unnecessary) food and craft stuff..

So, I'm thinking from Feb.1 to Feb. 22, I'm not going to spend any money on anything but what is on my budget.. And I will do my damnedest to track every bit of money I spend and bring in.. On my days off, I'm going to start making things to sell on Etsy.. Hopefully I'll make a little money with that.. :)

Well, I'm off to finish work now.. And get more ideas for things to make/sell. :)

Thursday, January 23, 2014

No More..

No more potatoes..

No more bread..

No more pasta meals..

No more crackers/chips..

Basically, no more "bad" carbs.. I am going to try to cut back my portion sizes so that I can start to actively lose weight.. 

I need to stop grazing.. 

I need to stop choosing bad foods over good food..

I WILL buy healthier food from now on..

I WILL start tracking my protein and calories again.. 

I WILL workout at least 10 minutes every day.. At least 30 minutes three times a day..

I WILL do more portion control..

Will be cleaning out my cupboards tonight and hopefully find that all my food isn't gone after I'm done..