Sunday, February 15, 2015

January Wrap Up.. Just a Little Late..

Well, it's official.. This month went by WAY too fast..

Honestly, it feels like it was just Thanksgiving, doesn't it?!

Well, January has been a month that has been super busy, as you can tell by my lack of posts..  Sorry, if anyone has even noticed.. lol.. I've been reluctant to post while at work, because the tattle tales are always watching (I thought we were all adults here, but I guess I was wrong), so I can only post when I'm home..  Which hasn't been very often, honestly..

Work has been crazy, as you can see by my schedule below.. And sadly, it will not be getting any more sane in the coming months, as the other CNA on night shift has decided to leave.. Eh, good riddance.. More money for me..

Something exciting in my world right now is that I have decided to sell my doll clothes on Etsy!!  While it is a slow process, again because of the tattle tales at work making it impossible to sew on my breaks, I am excited to get more clothes made and start selling them.. I did have my first "official" custom order for a co-worker, and that is being delivered Tuesday.. Yippee!!

January, for me, was supposed to be a month to work a lot and pay off collection bills.. Well, I didn't really think about how much money I'd have to put into fabric for my clothes and such.. And me being me, I may have gotten a LOT of fabric for future projects..  What can I say, old habits die hard.. VERY HARD.. lol.. So while I did pay all of my current bills, plus some extra on my car payment, I did not get any old bills paid off..

February, however, is going to be a month about saving money..  I was going to make it a no spend month, but with my tax check coming, and my trip to VA at the end of the month, I know that will never stick.. And I'm trying to improve my consistency this year..  So, I've got everything budgeted for this month, and my goal for the month is to get 1/2 of a month's worth of bills put away in savings, if not a full month..

Here's my budget:

Tax time is always a favorite time of mine.. This year, thanks to an increase in income, I'm getting back a little extra than last year.. The plan??  To put $1,000 of it towards my car, to pay $436 to pay my car insurance in full (I've never done that before.. Eep!!), take $1,000 with me to VA, and the rest will go into savings for my trip to Nashville in March..  Sounds like a good plan, huh??  Let's hope I can stick with it.. Again, consistency..

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