Saturday, December 28, 2013

Burst of Energy...

I had a burst of energy today.. It was nice to have, since I've been sleeping a lot (thank you depression).. I made sure to use it wisely.. lol

I got a pedicure (thanks to my grandma's Christmas gift)..

I hard core cleaned out my car..

I took down my outdoor Christmas lights, and swept my porch off..

Did some work on my other Grandma's present..

Washed my sink full of dishes..

Sold my full-size mattress set (I'm getting a Queen size mattress in a couple days)..

It's been a busy day.. And I got so much done.. Tomorrow is gonna be a fun day, filled with aquarium fun with my bestie and her kiddos.. And we're gonna do Christmas presents too.. I'm excited to see what the kiddos made for me.. 

Now I'm off to put away some more Christmas decorations and redecorate with my new Christmas presents.. :)

Friday, December 27, 2013

Looking Forward to 2014..

Today was a rough day.. Last night I was sick most of the night, and this afternoon it finally settled down enough for me to think it was a 24 hour bug.. I'm good with food again and stopped going to the bathroom every 15 minutes for one reason or another..  So, between my frequent naps, I got on Pinterest and started looking at stuff and then got onto traveling pins..

I may or may not have a bad case of wanderlust..

Me and the ex talked about traveling and it's been in the back of my mind for a while.. And I'm not against traveling by myself, I'm actually used to going places alone versus with someone.. I found this idea on Pinterest about getting a map of the US and then getting pics taken in every state you've been in and cutting them into the shape of the state.. I'm going to try that, starting in 2014.. Of course, this will help with my 14 in '14 goals..

Along with the US map I just ordered of Amazon, I also ordered 2 American Sign Language Phrase books (one has a DVD).. I got my "re-acceptance" letter in the mail from college on Christmas Eve, so I'm good to go back to school for Summer 2014.. And I'm going to make an appointment with a different school about taking a couple classes towards an (eventual) degree in ASL Interpreter Studies, but sadly I have a feeling that will have to wait til Fall 2014.. But I will get the ball rolling as much as I can before then..

Well, I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas..  I'm ready for 2013 to be over and to start 2014 with a bang.. :)  What are your goals for 2014??

Monday, December 16, 2013

What To Do With An Exes Christmas Presents??

Well, you can regift them, like I've done with some of them..

You can return them, like I've done with others..

Or you can sell them on eBay, like I'm currently doing with the ones my parents bought him..

Lol.. So if you know anyone that likes Tim Burton and Nightmare Before Christmas, please check out my eBay listings.. And help a girl earn some cash from a bad thing..

Check out my eBay listings..

Saying Goodbye..

How do you say good bye to someone??

Especially if you've only known this someone for a little over a month..

This someone, of course, happens to be a dog..

After trying nonstop for the past week and a half, I was unable to find Aztec a suitable home.. So I made the tough decision to return Aztec to the Humane Society that I got him from.. This is actually part of the adoption contract I signed when we got him..

I cried the whole way there.. and the whole way home.. Even got him a cheeseburger as a good-bye meal.. I still feel horrible, and will probably feel this way for a long time.. I feel guilty that we even got him and made him feel like we could give him a home..  I am so mad at my ex for talking me into getting him in the first place..  I am so mad at myself for giving in..

I'm so sorry that this didn't work out, Doodle.. :(

I will always love you..

Good-bye, Aztec..

I asked the Humane Society if I could help with the adoption fee for him, to help him get adopted faster (his fee is $90), and they said I should get them a gift card to a pet store to help instead.. They don't let people help with fees bc then just anyone can come get him and that's not good, I guess..  So I'm getting a gift card on Thursday and will continue to help the Humane Society in the future..  A small price for the sadness we caused Aztec.. :(

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Confusion.. Depression.. And The Future..

As I sit here, wondering if I'll have to take this cute dog back to the ASPCA (instead of finding him a good home), I get so mad.. and really sad..

I really wish I could keep this cute dog..

 I really wish I had the time to spend with him like I should..

I really wish my ex hadn't left him with no issue..

That last part pisses me off like no other.. He doesn't even ask about him when he (stupidly) texts me..  How do you want this dog so bad, and then leave him without any other thought?!?!  Makes me realize what kind of parent he'd be..

The depression is trying to overwhelm me, but I'm kicking it's ass, I think.. Until a sad movie comes on or I hear or see something that makes me think of "what if"..  and then it's like a flood comes out of my eye balls..


I applied back to college as a returning student.. Hopefully I'll hear something soon and will be able to enroll for Summer 2014..  :)

I have decided to start saving all my change and $1 bills.. Started a couple days ago and have already saved $40+.. And since I no longer have a checking account, I have to use just cash for everything.. And when money orders won't work, my mom is gonna let me use her debit card..

It being the end of the year, I've made my "goals" for 2014.. And I will make this year my bitch.. and honestly don't have any intention of being in a serious relationship at all this year.. But then again, I've learned when you have plans, God laughs at them.. So I'm open to whatever..

Welp, I'm going back to watching Christmas movies and wrapping more presents.. :)

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Opinions Wanted... Needed...

Okay, ladies and gents.. I need an some advice, opinions, whatever you want to call it.. So please help a girl out, k??

Last week, after dating for a little over 8 months, me and my fiance broke up..

I'm more relieved that anything, in the end..

And it was a long time coming, if I'm honest with myself..

He's now living in Florida with his family and back with his ex-wife.. Which I knew would happen..

After a lot of soul searching, and rearranging of furniture and things, I feel ready to get back to me.. I've spent so much time trying to make him happy, and US happy, that I let myself fall to the back burner.. Well, no more..  I'm looking to make 2014 the year of me!!  I'm 30, and ready to be selfish for a while..

My opinion searching question is this:

My grandma offered to take me to Sunday School with her.. The church she goes to has a single adults class that I can go to.. I live in a small town and I'm not sure I like the idea of everyone I went to school with (and people younger or potentially older) knowing I'm single.. I am not particularly religious either, and am on the fence whether I want to jump over the fence into a "church goer" (no offense intended to people who go to church on a normal basis).. Should I just suck it up and go??  Keep going with my current spirituality and believe what I want??  Help!!