Saturday, December 28, 2013

Burst of Energy...

I had a burst of energy today.. It was nice to have, since I've been sleeping a lot (thank you depression).. I made sure to use it wisely.. lol

I got a pedicure (thanks to my grandma's Christmas gift)..

I hard core cleaned out my car..

I took down my outdoor Christmas lights, and swept my porch off..

Did some work on my other Grandma's present..

Washed my sink full of dishes..

Sold my full-size mattress set (I'm getting a Queen size mattress in a couple days)..

It's been a busy day.. And I got so much done.. Tomorrow is gonna be a fun day, filled with aquarium fun with my bestie and her kiddos.. And we're gonna do Christmas presents too.. I'm excited to see what the kiddos made for me.. 

Now I'm off to put away some more Christmas decorations and redecorate with my new Christmas presents.. :)

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