Monday, December 16, 2013

Saying Goodbye..

How do you say good bye to someone??

Especially if you've only known this someone for a little over a month..

This someone, of course, happens to be a dog..

After trying nonstop for the past week and a half, I was unable to find Aztec a suitable home.. So I made the tough decision to return Aztec to the Humane Society that I got him from.. This is actually part of the adoption contract I signed when we got him..

I cried the whole way there.. and the whole way home.. Even got him a cheeseburger as a good-bye meal.. I still feel horrible, and will probably feel this way for a long time.. I feel guilty that we even got him and made him feel like we could give him a home..  I am so mad at my ex for talking me into getting him in the first place..  I am so mad at myself for giving in..

I'm so sorry that this didn't work out, Doodle.. :(

I will always love you..

Good-bye, Aztec..

I asked the Humane Society if I could help with the adoption fee for him, to help him get adopted faster (his fee is $90), and they said I should get them a gift card to a pet store to help instead.. They don't let people help with fees bc then just anyone can come get him and that's not good, I guess..  So I'm getting a gift card on Thursday and will continue to help the Humane Society in the future..  A small price for the sadness we caused Aztec.. :(

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