Saturday, October 31, 2015

200th Entry...

Alright, yay for 200 entries.. Boo for not having posted an entry since July..

And honestly, I'm not sure where this entry is going to go..  So please bear with me..

I am coming up to my 32nd birthday..  Some people make New Year's Resolutions in January.. I make mine every November..

This past year, I've been feeling more and more like I am in the wrong place..  I keep trying to make things "stick" here, like a relationship, or other life choices, and they just don't..  Yes, I may self-sabotage a little every now and then, but I am starting to wonder if this is part of the universes way of telling me I'm meant to do something different, or be SOMEWHERE different..

My mind is so conflicted right now.. 

I've not been following my heart, but with my ADD, that's sometimes a good thing..

I think for my 32nd year, I'm going to focus on myself again, but this time for a totally different reason.. 

My main 2 goals for my 32nd year??

Competing in a figure competition, and 
getting everything in place to have a baby on my own for my 33rd year!!

There are several "sub-goals" to each of these, of course..  I can't be the only one who wants to try to get all their ducks in a row (or as much as possible) before embarking on such huge projects, right!?

So my November goal is to work on a budget and stick to it.. November is a NO SPEND NOVEMBER!!

No Spend November, for me, is:
* Budget out paycheck to ZERO
* Any birthday money is okay to blow
* Any outside income (Doll Baby Threadz income, eBay 
sales, etc) is to be budgeted
* Make at least $200 from outside income

For those that don't follow me on Instagram (what is WRONG with you?!?!), I am taking the next step in my WLS journey and getting a tummy tuck done on the 12th of November.. I will have kept my weight off for over 3 years at that point, so I figure I deserve to get rid of the excess skin..  And to see the abs I know are under there.. :)

So November will be all about recuperating, planning, and working from home.. No workouts (WHAT?!?!?), no full time job (YAY!!!) and no excuses to fail in December when I'm okayed to go back to the gym..  32 will be my year to make more of my dreams come true..

So be sure to stay tuned..