Thursday, July 25, 2013

What the Hell Happened??

I ask myself that all the time..

And then I realized I really haven't found my stride since having my surgery.. Which makes me feel like I took all this time since then for granted... :(

What the hell happened to my willpower??

Honestly, I have no idea where it went, and I have no idea how to get it back..  But I'm gonna keep trying until I find it..

That means cutting back (not cutting out) all the junk I have found myself eating again.. Yes, I eat less of it now, but it's still bad..

That means cutting back on my portions again.. and drinking before I start eating, to make sure I'm truly hungry..

I really don't want to get yelled at by my nutritionist for gaining any kind of weight back.. and while I've only gained 5 lbs (I think), I don't want to gain anymore.. I'd like to lose more by November..

Friday, July 19, 2013

Trip to Minnesota... Day One

Facebook is a wonderful thing..

We keep up with family members... we find old friends... we make new friends...

And I have done all of the above, plus some I'm sure, since joining Facebook.. But thanks to this blog, and a Facebook group called the Fat2FitPack, I have made several friends that have been super supportive during my unsuccessful weight loss attempts (and through this last successful one).. Weirdly enough, most of them (not all though) are in Minnesota..

So, back in December, I decided to go up and visit them.. and it just so happened that NKOTB, Boys II Men and 98 Degrees were coming to Minneapolis the same weekend as the Color Run was going on.. Well, that made my time frame pretty definite.. lol.. In the beginning, I was supposed to come up here from July 13th to the 23rd.. 10 days.. BUT thanks to my new job (which I will talk about once I get back home on Tuesday), I didn't want to ask off for that long having just started.. So I'm here from today til the 23rd.. Woohoo!!

Thanks to the Package Tour being rescheduled, I am still able to go to the concert.. I just missed the Color Run, which I can do next year.. no biggie..  But the fun part about this trip is that while I've talked to Sami on the phone a couple times, and seen her pics, I've never physically seen Sami.. or any of my other MN friends.. So today (technically yesterday around 1:30am) I started out for the 11 hour drive (yes, I drove) from Southern Indiana to Minneapolis, MN..

I love driving at night.. It's so peaceful.. and there is noone around to see me singing at the top of my lungs to 80's and 90's pop hits.. lmao.. This is my first long distance trip after my surgery, and I've begun to notice that if I eat while I drive, I get a little nauseous.. I didn't think anything of it as I packed up my goodies (yes, junk food.. but I had lots of fluids too) and figured I'd eat some of them.. haha, nope.. not a chance.. Ate some gummy bears and a couple Twizzlers.. and then thanks to some crappy roads, started to get nauseous..

So I spent most of my drive drinking water, Vitamin Water Zero, and Powerades to keep myself from getting sick..  No more eating during trips.. It just isn't worth the trouble..  I will find some other way to keep myself awake (when necessary)..  Love that Minnesota is an hour behind Indiana.. So I made it by 11am.. Met Sami's husband first and then Sami.. and went out for coffee/tea with Kris, one of my other FB friends from MN..

All in all, it has been a fabulous day.. And I have four more to go.. :)

Good night!