Tuesday, May 31, 2011

This Is a Marathon, Not a Sprint..

I'm needing to realize that while I can gain weight fairly easy, it all didn't come on in a short time.. and it will take me longer to take it off.. Yesterday was disappointing, but not totally unexpected.. I ended up coming in at a little over 2500 calories.. yeah, that's a lot, but i'm going to consider it a step in the right direction, seeing as I was consuming up to 4000 calories a day a few days ago.. :(

But today is a new day, and while it started off bumpy, I plan to keep on the straight and narrow for the rest of the day.. My goal for today? Figurer out how to use my Shakeweight..lol.. yep, I still have yet to actually use it.. it's been sitting in my closet since I bought it.. so sad..

Monday, May 30, 2011

Did You Hear??

Summer is coming.. HOLY COW!

Yep, Memorial Day is the holiday that marks the beginning of summer.. summer dresses, swimsuits, summer heat, bbq's, etc..  Today was the perfect day for all of the above.. and while I didn't wear a dress, I did wear a swim skirt.. That counts right?!  lol..

The bbq's is what I want to focus on in this entry.. My family LOVES steak.. My dad is a big meat and potatoes guy.. which is okay, but not for me.. I am not a big fan of steak..  It takes too much work to get around all the fat of a steak.. And honestly, I don't care for the taste of steak.. I like hamburgers, but they are loaded down with ketchup, cheese, anything to mask the meat taste.. lol.. Today we had a bbq-style dinner.. and we had my FAVORITE dessert.. 7-Up Jello..

This stuff is the BEST EVER!!  And it's actually pretty low-calorie.. :)  One can of 7-Up, lime jello (can be sugar-free or full sugar), and fruit of your choice.. My mom puts in strawberries, cantaloupe, grapes, honeydew (if it's in season), and watermelon.. The watermelon is my favorite because it absorbs the 7-Up and when you bite into the watermelon, it's all fizzy.. YUMMY!!

So, what is your favorite summertime dessert????

Let's Do This!

Alright, so it's Memorial Day.. which means it Monday.. which means it's the start of me and my BFF's weight loss challenge.. which means 8 have to step on a scale to see what my weight is.. ugh!  So here's the number:

244.6 lbs

I'm relieved that I didn't hit the 250 mark, which was where I'd started last year.. but I'm disgusted that I let my eating get THIS out of control.. :(

But it all stops today.. for now, I plan to count everything that goes into my mouth.. I don't care if it's a diet coke, I'm still tracking it.. I'm going to join WW online (hopefully) next Friday.. I'm not doing WW meetings, as I don't have time to go to meetings that are around me.. I realize that's an excuse, but I can't take off work for them, and I'd rather go to the gym than a meeting I'm not comfortable in..

So, here's to losing 64 lbs! May you go away somewhat quickly and permanently! Lol

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are..

Okay, so i'm back.. Officially, I'll be back on Tuesday... but I'm weighing in on Monday with my BFF Amanda to start our challenge.. :-)

Now it's your turn!  Come back to me! I miss reading comments.. they are really awesome when you have a crappy day.. So please come back..

Alrighty, I got a question for you all that will actually answer.. what are you doing to lose weight and keep it off? My way didn't work too well, so i'm thinking of possibly going back to WW (but doing it online) or just trying harder with the calories.. but I need some outside input.. PRETTY PLEASE?!

100% New..

Well, if anyone has noticed, my blog is pretty bare now.. Well, I decided to totally, 100% start with a clean slate.. BUT because I met so many people with my previous entries, and have been inspired by all the comments, I decided to "bring back" my old name My FAB Challenge and import all my previous entries to that blog..

So if you want, you can always go back and check that out.. BUT I will be continually writing on this blog, as of June 1st, so you don't have to do anything to follow my newest journey.. YAY!  Well, I'm off to work, and then to see my beautiful baby niece.. She's getting so big!!  :)

Monday, May 23, 2011

It's Official!!


On the 1st of June, I will officially be starting my journey over again.. So this blog will still be here, but won't be used.. Until the 1st, I will continue to post on this blog.. So I have 8 days to get this new site up and running.. oh, and of course, here's the new address.. :)


This new blog will not only be about my weight loss journey, but my journey to find myself.. financially, physically, emotionally.. so I hope that you make the hop over to my new blog..

Sunday, May 22, 2011

I Say Good-bye, and I'm Saying Hello..

I am saying good-bye today..

Good-bye to McDonald's..
Good-bye to eating bags of marshmallows (in one day)..
Good-bye to no activity what-so-ever..
Good-bye to letting myself eat whatever I want..
Good-bye to not caring about myself enough to fight for my skinny body..
Good-bye to wearing yoga pants 24/7..

I am saying hello tomorrow morning..

Hello to doing as much activity as I can daily..
Hello to my gym again..
Hello to my size 14 (then size 12 and 10) jeans..
Hello to my new fitness apps that haven't been used..
Hello to my ShakeWeight..
Hello to my iPod (that hasn't been used since I stopped going to the gym)..
Hello to Subway for on-the-go lunch or dinner..

While I'm not going to weigh in until the 1st of June, I plan to use the days between now and then to make sure I start with all the right tools under my belt, so to speak..  I don't think I'm just gonna wake up on the 1st and say "Gee, I'm gonna eat 100% healthy daily, go to the gym everyday, and lose this weight so easily".. I know this is gonna be a struggle, so I'm giving myself these days to 'ween' myself off the junk I've been allowing myself the past month or two..

Sadly, the gym thing will be a little slow going, as I've allowed myself to get behind on paying it, and thanks to my shopping addiction (and new car bills), I've been slacking on getting that paid up.. I can say I will have it fixed by the 2nd week of June, if my plans go the way they should.. :)

OH! Did I mention that I somehow LOST (and have recently found) the envelopes to send out the gift cards for my giveaway winners?! Seriously, I don't know how I function some days.. I'm so sorry to the two ladies that have these coming to them.. My intention is to get them on Tuesday and throw them in the mail that day..

Now, I've decided to start answering some comments at the end of my entries.. so please keep them coming.. :)

Kristi: of course I will let you know the address.. lol.. I plan to buy it tomorrow, so hopefully i'll post it tomorrow night..  i'm hoping I can find someone to make it kinda cutesy soon.. :)

Amy: I hope you have a great time in Minneapolis.. I will be there in spirit.. :)

Kelly, SJB and Lyndsay: I'm very happy to have the competition.. and i'm definitely jealous of her ability to lose weight, but i'm happy she's doing it.. and SJB you can so 'borrow' my idea.. ;)