Monday, May 30, 2011

Let's Do This!

Alright, so it's Memorial Day.. which means it Monday.. which means it's the start of me and my BFF's weight loss challenge.. which means 8 have to step on a scale to see what my weight is.. ugh!  So here's the number:

244.6 lbs

I'm relieved that I didn't hit the 250 mark, which was where I'd started last year.. but I'm disgusted that I let my eating get THIS out of control.. :(

But it all stops today.. for now, I plan to count everything that goes into my mouth.. I don't care if it's a diet coke, I'm still tracking it.. I'm going to join WW online (hopefully) next Friday.. I'm not doing WW meetings, as I don't have time to go to meetings that are around me.. I realize that's an excuse, but I can't take off work for them, and I'd rather go to the gym than a meeting I'm not comfortable in..

So, here's to losing 64 lbs! May you go away somewhat quickly and permanently! Lol


  1. New day, new blog, new start. Good luck Sarah!

  2. The begining is so exciting! Good luck and keep up the great attitude......

  3. good luck ! we are all with you and behind you!

  4. Good luck! Keep up the positive attitude! I can't wait to join the gym myself.... :D

    Have fun with it. :D