Sunday, May 22, 2011

I Say Good-bye, and I'm Saying Hello..

I am saying good-bye today..

Good-bye to McDonald's..
Good-bye to eating bags of marshmallows (in one day)..
Good-bye to no activity what-so-ever..
Good-bye to letting myself eat whatever I want..
Good-bye to not caring about myself enough to fight for my skinny body..
Good-bye to wearing yoga pants 24/7..

I am saying hello tomorrow morning..

Hello to doing as much activity as I can daily..
Hello to my gym again..
Hello to my size 14 (then size 12 and 10) jeans..
Hello to my new fitness apps that haven't been used..
Hello to my ShakeWeight..
Hello to my iPod (that hasn't been used since I stopped going to the gym)..
Hello to Subway for on-the-go lunch or dinner..

While I'm not going to weigh in until the 1st of June, I plan to use the days between now and then to make sure I start with all the right tools under my belt, so to speak..  I don't think I'm just gonna wake up on the 1st and say "Gee, I'm gonna eat 100% healthy daily, go to the gym everyday, and lose this weight so easily".. I know this is gonna be a struggle, so I'm giving myself these days to 'ween' myself off the junk I've been allowing myself the past month or two..

Sadly, the gym thing will be a little slow going, as I've allowed myself to get behind on paying it, and thanks to my shopping addiction (and new car bills), I've been slacking on getting that paid up.. I can say I will have it fixed by the 2nd week of June, if my plans go the way they should.. :)

OH! Did I mention that I somehow LOST (and have recently found) the envelopes to send out the gift cards for my giveaway winners?! Seriously, I don't know how I function some days.. I'm so sorry to the two ladies that have these coming to them.. My intention is to get them on Tuesday and throw them in the mail that day..

Now, I've decided to start answering some comments at the end of my entries.. so please keep them coming.. :)

Kristi: of course I will let you know the address.. lol.. I plan to buy it tomorrow, so hopefully i'll post it tomorrow night..  i'm hoping I can find someone to make it kinda cutesy soon.. :)

Amy: I hope you have a great time in Minneapolis.. I will be there in spirit.. :)

Kelly, SJB and Lyndsay: I'm very happy to have the competition.. and i'm definitely jealous of her ability to lose weight, but i'm happy she's doing it.. and SJB you can so 'borrow' my idea.. ;)

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  1. I really need to say "Good-bye to not caring about myself enough to fight for my skinny body.." like you are. Thanks for this post. I gotta get my act together asap