Monday, December 16, 2013

What To Do With An Exes Christmas Presents??

Well, you can regift them, like I've done with some of them..

You can return them, like I've done with others..

Or you can sell them on eBay, like I'm currently doing with the ones my parents bought him..

Lol.. So if you know anyone that likes Tim Burton and Nightmare Before Christmas, please check out my eBay listings.. And help a girl earn some cash from a bad thing..

Check out my eBay listings..

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  1. Okay, this kind of made me chuckle. I got stuck with a few Christmas presents for an ex too. I ended up giving a sweater to my brother and then every time I saw him wearing it, I was reminded so I told him not to wear it when he was going to see me or he could donate it. I have no idea which happened but I haven't seen it since.