Sunday, January 1, 2012

It's a New Year's Giveaway!!

Well, I'd love to know how many people actually thought I'd get this up here when I said I would.. I may be a couple minutes late, but if you could see all the shopping bag I had to load into my house, you'd understand.. lol.. But enough about that, let's get on with what this giveaway is for!!!  :)

** UPDATE: My computer SHOULD be virus-free now.. fingers crossed **

I was approached by Nichole from Zipfizz around the end of November about trying their product and doing a review of it.. I must say, I was skeptical at first.. But in the end I figured what could it hurt.. It was free, it sounded like a good idea, and they approached me.. So I e-mailed her back and got my little package in the mail about a week later.  It came in this cute little plastic wrapped water bottle.. with 6 tubes inside for me to try..

My bottle, after using it a couple of times..

Then it came with all these nifty little tubes..
We all have seen different energy mixes, supplements, and drinks..  And if you have followed me for any length of time on here or twitter, you know I need anything I can get to keep me going from one job to another..  While I used to use 5 hour energy drinks every now and then, I didn't use them unless I was super tired, bc they gave me heartburn..  Zipfizz doesn't do that!!  It's like a water mix that you'd normally put into a water bottle and shake up.. Honestly!!  It has a little zing to it, but NOTHING like some of the other energy drinks that I've tasted.

Okay, enough mumbo jumbo.. Here's the good stuff!  I have 2, yes 2, of these little gifty sets to give away.. So we will have two winners, and to be fair they will be generated by How do you enter?  Well, it's easy.. and you get one entry for every thing you do below.. :)

1. Write a comment below about one of your 2012 resolutions
2. Tweet about this giveaway (AND make sure to tag me in it @fabchallenge)
3. Blog about this giveaway and let me know in a comment on here
4. Go to their website, find your nearest store that sells Zipfizz and write it in a comment on here
5. Like my Facebook page 

You get one entry for each of the four things you do.  This giveaway will end on 01/14/2012 at 10am.. so you have two weeks to do all this.. I wish you all the luck, and I hope you had a wonderful ending to 2011 and wish you all the hapiness in 2012!!


  1. My first goal for 2012 is to run my first race! It's in February and I'm super excited!

  2. The closest retailer is Walgreen's in the next town South of me.

  3. My first goal for 2012 is to stay on track for January. Once I get going I'll be good.

  4. A 2012 resolution of mine is to start tracking monthly minutes for exercise. :)

  5. My biggest goal is to maintain my 50lb weight loss and improve my eating, while drinking more water! I'm terrible at getting in all my water.

  6. Oh wow! The Walmart down the road carries Zipfizz. I'll have to look for it next time I'm there.

  7. One of my 2012 goals is to run more mileage than I did last year and to enter and run in a race every month for a year. I would love to drink zip fizz while trying to accomplish these goals ;)

  8. Found my participating Walmart :0

  9. Just liked your facebook page!

  10. My resolution is to lose weight!!! Well, get back to losing weight. :)

  11. It's available at my local Wal-Mart