Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Goals For January..

My goals are simple, and mostly focus around my life.. but some of them are fitness related..  because it wouldn't be the beginning of a new year without fitness goals, right?!

I will be putting these up on the left side of my blog, under my weigh ins, so I can keep myself accountable.. :)

Goals for January:
** Cook (from a recipe) at least once a week
(and post recipe and turnout on here)
** Workout at least 4 times a week
(this means SOME kind of activity)
** Save up enough money to buy these.. aren't they cute?!
(I've already got $45 towards it)


If you don't "like" my page on Facebook, you should!  lol, just kidding, kinda.. But if you did like it, you'd know I am doing a giveaway for reaching 50 "Likes".. While I've reached 50, I'm still gonna wait until Friday at 10pm to draw, so you can still enter.. PLUS, you get an additional entry for being a follower of my blog!  So check out my page:


Okay, I just have to brag about my bestie, Amanda!  She has the cutest kids (even though they're getting to that age where ya just wanna tape their mouths closed.. lol.. just kidding),and they got me a present, she got me a present and her hubby got me a present.. I loved all of them!  Here's some pics of what they got me.. 

Yep, that's a frying pan..

A PINK frying pan!!  Love it!!

Amanda's hubby got me this for my new car.. :)

The kiddos got me these bc I always complain about their fingerprints
all over my windows after we go somewhere.. lol

I'm so close to 40 lbs lost that I can taste it.. literally .4 lbs away.. Hopefully it'll be there by tomorrow.. :)  BUT, recently I tried on some "before" underwear.. Guys, you might not have this issue, but girls, you know what I'm talking about.. Once my ass got too big to fit into my pretty underwear, I went into the plain BGP's (Big Girl Panties).. They are plain, one color, and usually high waisted.. Well, I noticed at Christmas that they were turning into Urkel panties.. lol.. so I tried on a pair of my "before" panties.. and I'm an underwear/bra snob most of the time, so I only wear Victoria's Secret underwear/bras.. and THEY FIT!!  So, I grabbed all the BGP's and threw them in the trash!!  I'd have burned those suckers if it weren't illegal in town.. lol

Goodbye BGP's.. May I never see you again!!

Okay, onto fitness stuff.. Last but not least, I guess..  Today's post is chock full of pictures.. I hope you enjoy and are laughing at some of them (like the last one).. :)

I recently found a FB page that issued a challenge.. A Dive-bomb challenge.. Now, if you've never heard of these, I suggest you look it up, bc I'm too tired to go on Youtube (so just typed Youbutt before fixing it.. lmao) right now.. They are hard core.. I did one, and while going down wasn't a problem, getting back up was interesting.. I have some serious leg muscles (or I did) but I have no upper body strength whatsoever.. I'm hoping this will change that.. 

I also am doing a Plank challenge (which is gonna be hard as hell) and by the end of the month, I'm supposedly gonna be able to do a 4 minute plank.. I'm not holding my breath, but I will be able to do one for longer than a minute, I hope..  Oh, and I'm doing a squat challenge.. Working my way up to 100 squats by the end of the month (going up by 5's)..  I hurt already.. lol


I hope you all had a wonderful AND SAFE New Years Eve.. and that you all are making ATTAINABLE goals for however long you plan to make them.. because they are YOUR goals.. :)

Good night!

Accountability Picture: Day 1

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