Saturday, January 12, 2013


Sorry, I told myself I would work on keeping a normal blog routine going.. Especially since I have the time, just not the ideas I guess.. lol..

I've been reading all sorts of blogs, and trying to comment when I come up with something STELLAR to say.. lol.. and I've been trying to be active on Twitter more.. If you are on Twitter too, please leave me your "handle" in the comments and I'll follow you.. Wow, that sounds uber creepy, but it is what we do anymore.. right?!  :)


Today's entry isn't so much as weight loss related, even though I'm still progressively losing, as it is life related..  Lots has been happening, well it's lots to my boring life..

I'm starting to look into moving from my parents house.. I've pretty much picked the place, and am excited because they have a floor plan that I love still available.. and the manager is gonna let me put down part of my deposit to save that apartment for me.. AWESOME!!  Now, I just need to get my taxes done so I can put it down for the deposit (plus a little to put away)..


I also found this idea somewhere (I honestly can't remember where I found it, so if you know where/who it came for, please let me know so I can give them credit) about saving money.. Put $1 in for week 1, $2 for week 2... $51 for week 51, $52 for week 52.. Get it?  If you keep up with it, you can have almost $1400 saved by the end of the year.. I plan to do this, plus double the weeks I have two paychecks (for as long as I have two paychecks of course).. :)

And I plan to save my change and put it in the same savings account.. So hopefully I'll be able to save like $2,000 by the end of the year.. HOPEFULLY!

I'm still working on saving for the Paula Deen pots/pans.. :)  I have an extra paycheck this month, so I know I can probably get them regardless of how much I save.. Plus, I plan to get Amazon gift cards from Jay C, so I can earn gas points along with my pots/pans.. lol.. win/win situation, right?  :)


Tomorrow I plan to post my second week of Pinterest recipe.. I've been wanting to find a stuffed pepper recipe for FOREVER!  I finally found one!  So I'm planning to make it with ground turkey and I can't wait!!  I love stuffed peppers.. :) And they usually are lower in calories..

 Well, I'm off to finish my John Hughes marathon.. Have a good weekend!

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  1. I've heard of that money concept, except for sit-ups. So by the end of the year you're doing 365 situps. Eek. Stumbled on your blog, I think the process of losing weight and gaining life is pretty exciting...I'm not at that place yet, but I like reading about people who are.