Thursday, January 3, 2013

Oh.. Em.. Gee..

On my Facebook page, I follow another page called Running to Disney.. and it gave me an idea.. no, more of a goal..  Next January, I will be running/walking in the Tinker Bell Half Marathon in California!  I think this is a doable goal, especially since the 2013 race hasn't been done yet..

The only thing I can see standing in my way of this goal is finances.. The race itself is $150 (if I register in July).. not to mention all the fun stuff during the weekend.. Yep, it's a whole weekend of Tinker Bell related stuff!  AND I WANT TO GO SO BAD!!  Anyone that knows me knows of my love for Tink.. I have her tattooed on my shoulder blade.. I'm planning to eventually do a Tinkerbell Christmas tree (that'll take a bit though, and it'll prolly only be a small table tree).. Tinkerbell reminds me of the magical possibilities in the world.. :)

Okay, back to the half marathon stuff.. According to the website, I've got to maintain a 16 minute mile.. and I'm not sure what my pace is right now, but I will find out soon.. I was worried about running in the cold, but according to the weather, it's like Spring over there.. So I'm getting more excited.. :)

After looking at other things involved with this, I'm realizing I'm going to have to save a lot of money to make this possible.. I'd say probably $1,000 for the whole thing (because I can't go to California without spending money.. lol).. With it being over 2,000 miles away, driving is definitely not an option, so I'll be flying for probably the first time ever.. and then I'll have to rent a car or take public transportation (which is the likely option).. and then $100/day hotel stay.. geez! BUT, this is a once in a lifetime thing.. So I'm gonna try my hardest to do it..

I'm off to get some sleep now.. Good night!


  1. That would be so cool! You should totally do it.the princess half marathon is one of my goals someday. :)

  2. I'm hoping to do the Disney Princess Half in 2014! You can totally do a 16 min mile pace! I KNOW you can! We'll need to try and do half marathon training together. :)