Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Moving On..

This entry was going to originally be about tea.. lol.. sorry, it would have prolly been short and sweet and boring as hell.. :)  This one is hopefully gonna be none of those..  HOPEFULLY!

I'm getting to the end of my stay at my parents house.. My parents have moved into my brother and SIL's house, and we are nearing the year mark of our house being put into foreclosure..  If you saw this house, you'd understand why we let it go to the bank (even though we don't think even they want it.. lol).. With all the problems we've had with it over the past 16 years, it's just not worth it anymore..  So April is when we assume they'll come to take the property, so I plan to be out of my house by then..

I can't wait to move!  I can't wait to have a place that I can decorate and call my own.. and while I'm looking, it seems harder to find a place that isn't super expensive.. I'm one person, and while I have two incomes, I truly don't want to spend all my hard earned money on a place to stay (especially since I won't be there a lot)..

As I sit here contemplating the future, I'm wondering if it's too early to start packing.. I know I will find a place, and I just can't help hoping that packing will help speed up finding my future home..  Then again, I've got so much crap that packing prolly isn't a good thing because I wouldn't be able to walk around with all the boxes I'd have packed.. lol

I know part of my plan is to move things over gradually.. Move room by room.. Which is nice, because I actually have that option.. I can move and unpack/decorate at the same time..

The fun part of moving (plus a big tax refund) is getting new stuff!!  I plan to get a bigger bed (because at almost 30, I shouldn't be sleeping in a full size bed), another (smaller) tv, a home theater system, and prolly a couple other things.. :)

Well, we're supposedly gonna get a really bad storm, so I'm gonna get off my computer so it doesn't get hurt..


  1. Yay for moving and new things! I anxiously await my move this fall.

  2. I say start packing!! If you give yourself time to do it little by little, you can actually go through stuff and get rid of stuff rather than moving stuff you don't need. The last time I moved, I cleared furniture away from one section of wall and just started stacking the boxes floor to ceiling so that I wasn't tripping over it. So anything you don't use right now but will need? pack it up!!! And label the boxes really well. Made my life so much easier. Good luck on the search for you new HOME!

  3. Can I ask how old you are? And what your two incomes are? (It's tough putting together all the basic puzzle peices when you're just getting to know someone through their blogging). Hey, did you meet your January goals?