Friday, February 1, 2013

January Wrap Up..

Holy crap, where did January go?  Anyone know??

I can't imagine how others are feeling, but I'm sure I'm not the only one shocked that it's already February..  And with a new month, comes new goals.. But first, a wrap up of January..

** Cook at least once a week: This really didn't pan out thanks to my busy schedule..  I still plan to try to cook more in February, and also plan to cook tonight as a matter of fact..

** Work out at least 4 x's a week:  This also didn't pan out, and I kinda set myself up for failure with it.. I did work out 3 x's a week, most weeks.. So it wasn't off by much, but still, I missed my goal..

** Save up enough money to buy my Paula Deen pan set: I saved enough money, but my printer broke, so I made a deal with myself..  I bought a new printer, and I would get my pan set with my tax check.. and the rest of the money goes straight into savings..


February Goals are pretty much like January, but with a couple extra things..

** Reach 60 lbs lost by February 7th: This keeps me on my 20 lb loss/month, and I'd like to keep it going.. I'm currently only 9 lbs away from that goal..  If I work out each day til then, I should be good.. :)

** Work on selling old stuff online:  I've currently got a Facebook page for my clothes, my mom's clothes and their stuff.. While I've been able to sell some of it, most of it is still here and it has slowed down a bunch.. So I've got to get back into it to make some money..

** No more than 8 hours of sleep each day:  This includes naps.. I've gotten into the habit of taking naps each day.. and that's not good.. not to mention how I stay sitting in bed most of the time I'm not working..


** Start Insanity on February 4th:  This workout scares the crap out of me.. and I think that's just what I need..  Because I have a lot of muscle, it's getting harder for me to lose weight as opposed to when I first got the surgery.. Which is good, I guess, because I need to figure out other ways outside of eating to keep this weight off.. and I think Insanity will keep me from getting bored..

Well, even though I don't feel well, I'm off to go do my Just Dance workout.. Oh!  Be on the lookout (prolly Sunday) for a review on the Fullbar products I got before my surgery..  :)

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