Thursday, February 21, 2013

Saving My Pennies..

I've been talking about saving money for a while.. I think we all want to save money, but don't always know how..  I'm one of those people that have no idea how..

While I'd like to blame my variable income, it's my own issues with money.. I was lucky to receive one of Dave Ramsey's wonderful books from a friend of mine last year.. And while I have yet to read it all, I do plan to.. lol.. BUT I've gone online and saw what the gist of it is..

** Have a $1,000 emergency fund
** Pay off big bills first

And yes, that's all I remember.. lol.. Well, seeing as I am not moving jobs (hopefully) any time soon, I need to learn how to save with what income I have.. Because I truly would love to save enough money in the next couple years (prolly more like 5) to put a down payment on a house..

While I will never be a great saver, like TeacHER Finance, I can try to save as much as possible and still pay off bills, right?!   Yeah, I originally thought so.. and had been on track with my original savings plan.. UNTIL my car decided to spring a $107 leak.. My car is my life.. seriously, I drive for both my jobs, and drive 3,000 miles/month..  So it had to be fixed.. Thankfully it was cheap, but it blew out the $64 I had saved..

BUT, thanfully my tax check will be in my bank on Monday!!  WOOHOO!!  So that will replenish the $64, plus a bit..

I make about $1500/ month (if I work like I should), plus I get a mileage check in the middle of the month that is about $400.. so my plan is to keep going with my weekly deposit, and adding an additional $10 a week to it.. PLUS putting 20% of any extra money I get (mileage check, tax check, etc).. so my $2600 tax check will net my savings over $500!!  I'm halfway towards my $1,000 emergency fund!!

The rest of my tax check is going towards moving (aka first month and deposit) and I do plan to spend some of it frivolously (because I'd be lying if I said all of it was going towards savings).. 

OH!  I also have gotten back into the habit of not using my change.. I'm trying to carry paper money now, because I'm less likely to spend a lot if I have to look at it coming out of my hand (unless it saves me money to use plastic, like with the Target Debit card).. So all my change is going into either my savings or to my change purse for laundry money..


I'm sure most of you are interested in where my weight loss stuff went, and while I haven't really been feeling it (or 100% well these past few days), I do plan to blog tomorrow about all I've been up to.. :)

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