Monday, February 11, 2013

With Age Comes Wisdom..


When I first thought of all the things I wanted to accomplish in my 29th year, I was more concerned with saving a little money.. and getting myself back into the rat race of dating..  BUT, as I sit here trying to figure out where I am going to move to, I can't help but want to change my goals to more financial ones..

I looked at my credit report today, yep all of them.. and was happy to see that my TransUnion score has went up since getting my car loan in October.. Yay me!!  Now, after looking at my Experian, and the SUPER helpful report that Equifax provides, I can't help but hope that my Experian report will eventually go to look like my TransUnion report.. Because I don't like that there is a 70 point difference between the two of them.. :(

So instead of going places (other than Minnesota, Las Vegas and Virginia), I will be putting all my money and efforts into paying off all my bills.. and saving money.. and increasing my credit score..  :)  If I don't start dating again this year, so be it.. I'll only be a year older when I put myself back in the game.. Plus, I'll be most stable and that should make me much happier..

I also plan to keep looking for a full time job, but can't help but think that my job history is helping me, so maybe I'll just keep bugging my overnight company to keep me working 4 nights a week?  For now, that's gonna have to work..

So right now, I plan to do as much money saving/raising as possible (I've already gotten enough points on ExpoTV to get a $15 Amazon gift card.. YAY!!) and pay off as much as possible, so that maybe next year, I can look into buying a home instead of renting.. :)

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  1. This was one of my goals once I was finished with college: Fix my credit. I've had the WORST credit since I was about 19...after being young and stupid with money.

    It's sad to say but since getting a credit card, racking up $30,000 in student loans, my credit was good enough to buy a new car. Now that I'm $50,000 in debt, my credit is in the best shape it's ever been. Stupid, isn't it? But, I've learned you've got to get credit to build credit. I started off with a small credit card that I use every month but pay the balance in full every month. It's amazing how much affect that had on my credit score.