Monday, August 1, 2011

Is it REALLY August already?!

Seriously, I just gotta get this out of the way... 


It freaks me out that in a little over 3 months I will turn 28.. 

Now on to our normal, non-freaking out, part of the post.. lol.. Today, if you haven't seen the calendar, is August 1st.. and I've decided that this is the perfect day to start things rolling.. I'm still broke, I'm still at the mercy (to a certain extent) of my mom for food, but I did get my gym membership, and started that on Friday.. I ACTUALLY woke up at 4:50am and went to the gym before going to work at 8am.. I was really proud of myself.. and it kept going today, but not like I'd planned..

Thanks to a migraine that wouldn't go away, I didn't get to the gym until 6ish, but I got to go to a Zumba class (which isn't really a Zumba class, more like a dance aerobics class sadly) and got my sweat on.. :)  I was there 10 minutes before I started breathing heavy and sweating profusely.. lol.. but I lasted almost the whole class, and I would have but I saw a friend that I've been trying to see for a while.. but I lasted 45 out of the 50 minutes.. I'm pretty happy with that.. and then I did 20 minutes on the elliptical machine and 4 sets of 15 on the lateral pull down machine.. :)  Get's rid of that back fat.. yay!!

Alright, so my last post was about my giveaway.. and I'm shocked to see that only 2 people have commented on it!  I have 109 followers, and out of all of those people, only 2 can use help getting financial help???  It's really simple to enter.. promise.. :)  So check it out!  You have until August 12th to enter..

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  1. I'm 28 and still at home. It sucks so much! Impossible to get on the housing market though :(