Sunday, August 7, 2011


For those who have me bookmarked and don't have to look at my blog address at all, or those who happen to find me by chance (bc y'all are great too), my blog address states this: Finding My Fab Self com.. Well, I had a revelation today that made me think that this blog has gotten very one dimensional.. There is nothing wrong with that, per say.. but I realized today that I have no idea who I am.. I've been coasting through life for a long time.. prolly years.. It changes now! I'm done just surviving each day.. I want to LIVE life.. with no regrets.. Because right now, I have bunches.. It was Christina Hendricks, well her August interview in Lucky Magazine, that made me realize all this.. so, Mrs. Hendricks, THANK YOU! I really hate that I have cute stuff, accessories and clothes, that I don't wear because I work all the time.. but it's not going to get dirty.. and most of it is modest, so what's the harm, right?! And I'm going to work on posting more pics.. bc honestly, we all love pictures, don't we?! :) OH! just a little blip.. don't forget about my giveaway I'm doing!! check it out!


  1. Good idea, the great thing about blogs is that they're so easy to transform into whatever we want it to be. I look forward to reading about how you are going to find the fab in you!

  2. I second what Tim said!! :)