Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Green Thumb..

So I could have SWORN I have blogged about my garden before today.. Honestly, I guess I posted about it on FB and not on here.. Oops!  Well, here's the recap..

** After months of thinking about it, I decided to plant a garden in my back yard.. After waiting for my dad to fix up my "plot", he and my brother finally got it up and running, so to speak, on Memorial Day weeekend.. :)

** After getting only enough soil to start half of my garden (I'm broke and a newbie), I had to skip putting in the flowers.. :(  I've learned that lesson, and planted the following plants in my garden:
~ cantaloupe (2 different kinds)
~ heirloom tomatoes
~ cherry tomatoes
~green peppers
~ everbearing strawberries
~ cucumbers

** I did a little bit of research before planting stuff, like on what to plant at the time I was planting, how to get them to grow big and healthy, stuff like that.. So I got some paper shreddings from my client for my tomatoes, and egg casings for them too.. I DIDN'T, however, see that cantaloupes were a climbing fruit.. so they kind of took over my garden (see above picture)..

** Thankfully since starting most of these from plants bought from Walmart or Home Depot, the only plant that didn't flourish were my cucumber plants.. :(  oh, and my strawberries didn't produce more than 3 edible strawberries this year.. BUT the good thing about them is that they are supposedly perrenials so they should stick around for a long time, as long as I don't kill them.. lol

** I recently had to transplant my green pepper plants into a container, because the tomato plants were taking all their sunlight.. and they are doing well now.. I was worried because their roots were so buried in the soil that I didn't know if I'd taken a big enough amount of them to get them to continue to grow and eventually produce more fruit.. Well, looks like I worried for nothing..

** I FINALLY got the rest of my bed filled with soil and compost a couple of weeks ago.. then I tried my hand at planting cucumbers again.. They have flowered, so we'll see if it was too late or not.. :)

** Now that Fall is around the corner, I'm looking into compost heaps, turning a part of my shed into a green house (because I can't put my seedlings in my house, too many nosy cats.. lol), and what seeds to start/what to plant for fall.. I'm excited to get my hands dirty, literally, and produce a lot more fruits and veggies.. :)


  1. That looks amazing! I recently bought a house and definitely need to tackle landscaping soon. I'm hoping I've inherited my parents' green thumb.

    Your vegetable garden looks great! I can't wait to hear about the harvest :)