Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Finding Who I Am.. Week 2..

Well, this was supposed to be done on Friday, but thanks to picking up an extra shift, and working too much over the weekend, I kinda forgot.. BUT I remembered today while I was looking at a baking magazine.. :)

** I downloaded an app a few months ago to help me learn how to sign (back when I was babysitting little kids and taught them some basics).. It has videos (which is how I learn best) and has 500+ words that I can learn.  I love it!  I try to learn at least 2 words a day, and put them together as much as I can during my day.. So far, I've learned "why" "what" "milk" "mother" "father" "baby".. among other words..

** I am currently on a waiting list for the NKOTB Cruise.. I don't care who makes fun of me (because some will), but I am going to do what it takes to go on this cruise.. and I also am planning to go to more concerts.. all sorts of concerts, to find out what else I like to listen to..

** I realized last Tuesday that I listen to the same two radio stations when I'm in my car.. both Pop radio stations.. and while there is nothing wrong with Pop music, but it's kinda all the same anymore.. I realized this on Tuesday because I was at work driving my client to an appointment and he turned the station to a rock station.. and I actually found songs that I loved on there!  I downloaded them onto my iPod as soon as I got home.. I also listen to Lite 106.9 (soft rock/pop music) too, since I love late 80's/early 90's music.. :)

Not too much last week that went into finding who I am.. I attribute that to working too much, and the stress of realizing I've gained so much weight over the past year.. I will be back on Friday for week 3.. It's been a productive week.. :)


  1. I would totally go to a NKOTB cruise...such hottness (I may be married but I can look cant I-besides I've never been on a cruise!)!

    got the book today and I really can't thank you enough. I'm looking forward to reading it and putting what I learn to use!

  2. How much have you got left to save?

    Good luck! I hope you get the opportunity to go on the cruise!