Friday, August 19, 2011


It ain't just a river in egypt.. haha.. okay, that's the joke of the day, now on to the serious stuff..

Erin @ Erin's 6 Month Transformation left me a comment that hit the nail on the head, so to speak.. I have been in denial for a long time.. I didn't know until now how much though.. She pointed out that about 1 year ago I weighed in at 233 lbs.. I've gained 24 lbs in the past year!!  WHAT THE HELL?!  Seriously?!  How did I not realize this??

I seriously was reading her comment and after seeing that I wanted to go cry.. not because of anything she wrote, but because she is right.. if I had a printer here, I'd print off the comment right now and post it to my wall.. guess it'll have to wait til I get home..

Honestly, the only difference between me now and me then (besides the 24 extra lbs) is my meds.. I was taking my ADHD and anxiety meds.. and that's not a financial option right now.. So I'm going to have to overcompensate for these being gone.. 

But as I'm learning from Dave Ramsey (that's another blog totally) the time/energy put into my present will make my future that much better.. I need to give up the "fun" foods/stuff now to be able to enjoy them later when i'm skinnier.. does that make sense??

Btw, THANK YOU ERIN!! I appreciate you giving me a wake up call.. :)


  1. I often also struggle with this. Somehow along the way, the journey becomes a lot less exciting and motivating and you really struggle to find the effort to keep going. So totally get it, the fun foods, and the extra pounds after losing. Sending virtual hugs :)

  2. It totally makes sense and I know you can do it! YOU ARE STRONG!