Monday, August 22, 2011

Well, I'm Excited..

I have recently decided that I am going to go on the NKOTB Cruise in June of 2012.. I blogged about it in my FMM post earlier today, but only that I'd recently downloaded an app to help keep track of the days left til it disembarks.. :)  I'm so excited!!  But I plan to keep one of them on a special page to keep up with any information I post regarding it.. Such as my savings for the trip, the countdown and other things I've found..

But to keep up with other cruisers (as I'm technically on a waitlist, but all of the waitlisters got called last year, so it's basically a waiting game right now), I am part of several groups and following several twitter BH's (Block Head's).. :)

I'm using this cruise as the motivation to keep me going this time.. I plan to take a picture later tonight in the bikini I have that will prolly go with me (among others.. lol) on this cruise.. And then plan to take updated pics every Friday night.. This way I can "flip" through them and see my progress..

Some of you are prolly asking, what if you don't get that call???  Well, since I'm not planning to get a call for a couple of months (some people didn't get the call til the month before the cruise), I am not sweating it.. I still need to come up with the $300 deposit that, if they call before Nov. 29th, I will be required to pay.. Then the next $800 if the call after that date.. So the more time I have, the better..

But if I don't get that call and don't get to go on this cruise, I will take a beach vacation.. I figure it will be the perfect "ultimate" goal, either way.. So here's to the next 290 days.. I figure I can lose almost all of the 80 lbs I got to lose by then..

OH!  Gotta show you the picture I found on one of the groups I belong to for the cruise..


  1. If you go - I want to hear all about it!

  2. That's a great motivator! Good luck, Sarah!

  3. This will be great for motivation! :-)

  4. Ahahaha! NKOTB cruise would be so awesome!!! Excellent thing to work towards as well. Save Save Save!

  5. Ooooh did I tell you that I went to their after-party when I was in Vegas? It was a little too much for me, but I was about 5 feet away from Donnie so that was cool

  6. So jealous about the NKOTB cruise!