Sunday, September 4, 2011

Weekend Post.. and a Weigh in..

All right, let's get this out of the way..

Weight on 09/02: 248.8 lbs
Difference from last week: +3.2 lbs

I know that I am expecting this to go down by next Friday, seeing as I gain around 5lbs when it's that TOM.. I hate it.. I was 3 days early this time.. 3 DAYS! No fair! So, what did I do?? I went and bought water pills for next month.. me and my period need to find a way to cooperate during my weight loss.. I also noticed that first week I was eating veggies like crazy.. sometimes having a salad twice a day.. last week, not so much.. so my goal this week is to get some balance with fruits/veggies.. and to get some knowledge on how many cards are in things.. 

I will be updating my September goals tomorrow, as I forgot about them the last two days, and today I'm working all day.. Sadly, I won't be getting the bike because I still don't have a better job.. The company I'm hoping hires me is VERY slow in their hiring process.. ugh! But I'm still applying at other places too.. Off I go to work.. :) Hope you all are having a great 3 day weekend..


  1. I hate TOM too...I'm good for 2lbs at that time. I also notice that I don't drink as much WATER during that time, thus not flushing my system properly. Good luck with the wait for the company you want to hire you...I'm sure it'll be worth the wait! Have a great rest of the weekend.

  2. I totally understand the veggie thing. I go through phases where I eat salads and veggies with dinner...then get a little burnt out, and don't eat a veggie in weeks. I've got to work on balancing that out.