Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Labor Day..

I can't believe before Saturday, I hadn't posted since the past Friday!!  WHAT?!  Wasn't that one of those "things to work on"?!  Yeah, I'm working on it.. lol.. slowly.. Bad thing about Blogger on Android is that I can't do as much personalizing (like centering and paragraphs) as I want.. and since I am not on my computer that often, it's easy to forget about.. :(

I'm hoping that this week will be a good one.. Like that I get a call back from ANY of the applications I've recently put out.. :)  Or that the gym isn't closed tomorrow!! Grr.. I'm off work today and I can't go to the gym.. So disappointed.. But tomorrow is a new day.. And I plan to go as soon as I get back from donating plasma..

Now I hope everyone is enjoying their (hopefully) extended weekend.. Even I had an unintended 3 day weekend.. sadly, I didn't want it to be that long, but whatever.. :)

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