Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I'm Such A Dummy..

Well, I'm sure some of you are denying this, but give me a chance to prove it to you.. lol

I honestly don't know why, but I just realized that somewhere I started thinking I could lose weight with just a change of eating.. HAHA!!  I just brought you over to the "I'm a dummy" side, didn't I?! 

I should honestly know better.. I read blogs, I've looked online at stuff, and I know that this thinking is really WRONG..

As I say this, I'm wondering how I'm going to rectify this.. Oh yeah, by starting off fresh tomorrow morning with W1D1 of Brad Gansberg's 5k in 100 days class.. I'm a little behind (I was gonna start tonight, but I picked up a last minute shift), but I will get my 3 days in.. :)

As much as I miss the gym, I honestly miss the treadmill the most.. I don't really miss the classes (as fun as they can be sometimes), or the music (I like my own music).. I miss getting into my own little world and just getting things done.. Is it sad that the only place I like to sweat is at the gym?  I feel like it's called for there.. hehe


On a lighter note, I went to do my paperwork for my new job.. Found out I have to wait almost 6 months to get my medical and dental insurance.. which is okay, I guess.. HOWEVER, I only have to wait til December 1st to get my vision insurance.. Sadly, this is pretty important to me.. I happened to find two contacts that were floating around in my MULTIPLE contact cases (am I the only one who has like a dozen cases??).. so I can see clearly again now.. YAY!!  But I am planning to make appointments at all sorts of places for the appropriate doctors/dentists..

Now, I have an opinion question.. My medical insurance has two plans, one WITH an HSA account (and $1250 deductible) and one without an HSA account (and $750 deductible).. The hospital will deposit $500 into the HSA account (to make the difference between the plans), but the non-HSA one has co-pays and the other doesn't.. Any ideas of which one I should go for?  I'm leaning towards the HSA account, bc I've had one before, and I didn't have any problems (plus, I could always afford the visits since I was putting money into the account).. Let me know your opinion.. :)


  1. I hate sweating at home, so like you, the gym is the only place to be!

  2. Yay! We will be doing Brad Ganserg's together! I just got his acceptance emails and passwords today so I'm behind too. Plus I re-activated my Y membership but because I do it through work so that I can get it automatically deducted, it takes a couple of days. Hopefully I will have it by tomorrow or Thursday at the latest.