Saturday, October 1, 2011

Laziness Kills..

it kills in different ways..

it kills your plans..

it kills your body..

it kills your motivation..

I'm realizing that my brain is not in the right place anymore.. i've gotten lazy, but not physically lazy (no way), but mentally lazy.. This week, i've worked 76 hours.. while i have a very easy just physically, it's mentally draining.. and all i want to do when i (eventually) get home is crash in bed.. and itms only for a small nap..

my question for myself now is why do i need a nap?? seriously, i sleep most nights that i work, and while it's not a wonderful sleep, it's still sleep.. i need to start bringing my gym bag with me everyday.. and get into the habit of going straight there..

my bed needs to stop being my #1 way to de-stress.. I have an able body, I should use it while it's not too late.. and sadly, I forgot to bring it tonight, but seeing as my gym doesn't open til 12 tomorrow, I will go later..

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