Saturday, October 8, 2011

Self- Love??

This entry is about exercising, kinda..

This entry is about dieting, kinda..

I'm feeling vague today, can ya tell?!  lol.. Okay, so I was on Twitter earlier, and just started following this lady.. I won't give ya her Twitter handle, bc I didn't ask her if it was okay (and I don't wanna step on any toes).. But this lady said something about how nice it would be to have a boyfriend who would appreciate all the work she does at the gym.. I replied back the following:

"I think that all the time.. then I realize I wouldn't want him to see >this< naked right now.. ugh!"

We had a tweet convo after that about how I should love myself RIGHT NOW, how my perspective needs to change now while I'm still heavy, etc..  Why??  If I loved myself fat, then why would I want to change that?!  I'm not "unhealthy" (aka, low blood pressure, normal cholesterol, and normal blood sugar), but I'm overweight.  Now, this is not to say that I don't love myself enough to do something.. I do.. I just think that my depression is sneaky and is working it's way back into my life.. and the fat is my safety zone, so to speak..

I don't love myself at this size.. I love how I feel thinner, I love how I look thinner.. I HATE how I look fat, but I don't hate myself.. Trust me, I've been down THAT road, and it'll never happen again..

** Just an FYI: I respect this person's opinion.. this just struck a cord in me and I figured others might relate to it.. **

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  1. I hear ya on this one!! I'm also so much more confident when I'm in better shape that I just naturally put myself out there more. Also, I kind of have a bit of a "like attracts like" theory. Know what I mean?!

    ps -- how goes it?