Saturday, October 15, 2011


Right now, my life is one big cluster f@#k.. when i'm not working two job or driving to them, i'm sleeping.. and while this week was planned, it was still difficult..

Honestly, my eating has been CRAPPY.. i've seen McDonald's more than I'd like to admit, and I miss my bed more than I can say.. I'm so scatter-brained that I forgot to get my second TB test read (which means I get to get another one, yay me).. and I haven't been able to scratch out any time to check out the gym the hospital has for us..

Now, I have plans.. and we know how 90% of those turn out.. but i'm trying to fix that, by planning out my plans.. and making back up plans.. My basic plan will go into effect on my 28th birthday, which is Monday, November 7th..

It's kind of perfect, actually.. I can stick with the Monday weigh in, I also have an appointment that morning to get a Wellness check up done, so i'll get to see what i'm starting off with and what I need to work on.. :)

I do know I plan to find a WW meeting that I can go to, not sure where yet, and I will do WW online instead of the normal stuff.. and that's about as far as my plans go FOR NOW.. i'm working on more details of how I want to lose this weight for good..

Good night!

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  1. It is tuff when your busy. Younare smart and you are strong. So make yournplan and stick to it. Don't let anything get in your way of your goals. Inlook forward to reading about you progress and success.