Monday, October 31, 2011

Tomorrow.. No, Today!!

Tomorrow is OFFICIALLY my start up, but I thought it was today so I weighed myself this morning.. and after getting many different numbers, in many different parts of my room, I finally got a consistent one:

255.2 lbs

This is not okay.. While yes, I'm happy I only gained 7 lbs and I'm relieved that I wasn't in the 260's like I'd anticipated, I am tearing up my body by losing and gaining the same 15/20 lbs.. ugh!  So, what am I going to do?!  Um, I'm going with what I'd planned on doing.. Weight Watchers..

There will be a slight change in the plans however.. I feel I need the meetings, for now, bc I've never really succeeded at anything Weight Watchers related (at least not in the past 5 years), so I need that added support.. The bad part is that I have no idea when I'll be able to get to a meeting during my crazy schedule.. But I plan to get my schedule figured out and work it in SOMEWHERE..  I promise.. to you, and mostly to myself..

This past month, in my gaining spree, I've noticed that my body HATES me getting fat.. I itch everywhere (thanks to stretching and excema), my face is breaking out like I'm a teenager again, and I've noticed that I smell weird anymore.. not bad, just not like my fru-fru body wash.. :( 

Wow, well, I'm off to work.. Day 1 of 2 straight days.. ugh!  


  1. i think its great you have a plan. Have you ever though of Dukan Diet? I am on it and I did WW also i love the meetings and the help you get there. I have never had success like I have had on Dukan. Anyways good luck to you, I read your blog every time you post so I will be reading and watching and supporting you.