Sunday, September 4, 2011


So I woke up this morning, threw on my scrubs, pulled my hair back, and went downstairs to fix me my normal weekend breakfast... sausage links.. they aren't prolly the healthiest thing, since they are microwavable, but they are travel-friendly, so I eat them on weekends a lot.. :)

My mom fixed some for me yesterday, bless her heart, and I guess she used the rest of them bc I couldn't find the bag this morning.. I just bought the bag last week, so hopefully they're just buried.. lol.. but instead of going crazy finding them, I just decided to try McDonald's breakfast platter.. NEVER AGAIN!! Their eggs are nasty.. ick! I took two bites of the hashbrown then threw the rest to the birds.. and told myself I can have half of the biscuit since the eggs were gross.. and to make sure I didn't get tempted to eat the whole thing, I threw the bottom half out the window for the birds too.. lmao

I figure that was SO not worth the $4 I spent on it.. lesson learned..

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