Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Weekend Update..

Well, it may be Tuesday, but I still wanted to share what I learned over the weekend..

I've said it before, that this time is different.. and this is in regards to that being more true every day.. :)  I have had 2 "cheat" days (where I eat whatever I want within a 1 hour period, within reason) since starting this newest leg of my journey.. and both times I've found them to be not worth it.. I honestly can't say what is different this time.. Yes, I have a cruise to go to (hopefully) in June.. Yes, I plan to wear bikinis on said cruise.. But seriously, I've said stuff before and it's never motivated me this way..

But weekend before last, I ate home-cooked chicken tenders and fries.. I was unprepared to "cheat" but it was, what I thought was, a good lunch.. I was sorely disappointed.. The fries were weird (in my opinion) and the chicken tenders were okay.. Definitely not worth it..  This past Friday, I stopped in to McDonald's for a fast, easy lunch.. I got the Daily Double (yay, it's back!!), medium fry, and 3 chocolate chip cookies.. The fries were gross and I tossed the bottom part of the bun of my burger away (I would have tossed both parts but the mayo and lettuce were on the top one)..  the cookies were worth it though.. yumm!!!!

Basically, I've learned over the weekend that I really won't WANT to eat like I used to.. I only grabbed McDonald's bc I made the mistake of driving without snacks around.. I need to have stuff available to snack on, and will make sure to have them from now on.. :)


  1. Since I spend so much time in my car, part of my job is being a delivery driver, I keep a lunch kit in my car. in that bag is all kinds of things from fruit leather to almond butter, pistachios to crackers, raw revolution bars and beef jerkey, some sugar free hard candy and gum too. I have to keep food in the car, #1 because this is Minnesota and in the winter if I get stranded in the snow I WILL survive, and number two I dislike fast food. I didn't eat it a lot growing up, and now it just makes me cringe.
    get a cute lunch box or bag, you can get them on clearance right now and fill it with good stuff! You will be right as rain!

  2. I can't even remember what a McDonalds tastes like. I used to love them but the one I went to closed down. KFC also closed down (which sucks!) so now I only visit Subway.

    My biggest downfall though are British Fish and Chip shops. mmmmmmm tastes so good!

  3. Good for you!! Isn't is nice when are brains switch like that. I am so excited for you. Whoop whoop!!