Monday, September 12, 2011

Weigh In's..

Yes, plural.. I weighed in on Friday, like a good girl.. lol.. and was shocked.. I'd been good with my carbs (not counting them exactly, but staying away from bread regardless) and while I did eat 5 pieces of (gross) sushi, I threw away the other 4 pieces..

Weigh In on 9/9: 246.6 lbs
Loss of 2.2 lbs

But that's a gain from when I weighed in during the week..  But I weighed in this morning, and was pleasantly surprised.. :)

Weigh In on 9/12: 243.6 lbs
Loss of 3.0 lbs from 9/9

WOOHOO!!  Now, I gotta keep going down.. I'll be back later with a weekend recap, bc I've learned a few things during this weekend.. :)