Thursday, November 1, 2012

Things Aren't Quite Right..

Just wanted to let everyone know what's going on with my surgery and life in general...

** My surgery was rescheduled from yesterday to next Wednesday, November 7th at 12noon.. Which, for any of you that have been paying attention, is my 29th birthday!!  What a way to bring in a new year, right?!

** Over the past few months, I've noticed that certain things just don't taste right anymore.. I can't stand fast food french fries (as in I won't even buy them anymore), milk is just gross to me (which isn't really new, but different), and tonight I found out that Oreo's are gross now!!  :(

** I've been working so much lately.. hoping that I will be okay when I don't work for two weeks, financially.. I started a new client last Thursday night.. and haven't had a night off since.. until tonight (even though they tried to call me in tonight)..  I'm actually getting ready to go to bed now.. YAY!

** I'm trying to think of ways to get through my two days of only liquids.. Any ideas?  I've got chicken broth, popsicles, tea bags, jello.. I'm hoping I can do it, since I have to work one night shift and one day shift while I'm on it..  eek!

** Thanks to Pinterest, I'm so stocked up on protein ideas.. and decorating ideas.. and craft ideas.. lol

Well, that's it for now.. I'm off to bed, hoping that this headache will go away by the time I wake up..

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