Thursday, October 25, 2012

Let's Go Back a Little..

Not a long time ago.. Just like a month ago.. To September 28th.. I know I mentioned it in my previous post, but I also know that to some people, pictures are better than words..  Weirdly enough, that day changed my world.. Mostly for the better, in the long run.. 

The part of the highway I was on is a popular crash spot.. But I was actually running a little late to get to my second job when someone (a 19 year old girl) pulled out in front of me, and I t-boned her car.. And people are right when they say it goes like slow motion.. I can remember a lot about it, and the fact that I was tall (and fat) prolly saved me a lot of issues.. The airbag didn't hit my face, it hit my chest.. So no broken facial bones, only a bruised sternum.. and the seatbelt didn't do anything to my spleen, just some nasty seatbelt bruising..

It was definitely a day of firsts for me.. 1st injury car accident, 1st ambulance ride (with thankfully really fun EMT's), 1st time being on a backboard (those things are annoying).. and surprisingly enough, I didn't have a panic attack.. YAY!

My mom told me my car was pretty mangled in the front but I had no idea what it looked like til the next day.. My poor car.. It would have been all mine in February.. That's what made me the maddest about this whole car wreck.. I'm glad I was okay, but my car was basically done for..

Thankfully, because it was her fault I didn't have to do much.. Their insurance is pretty awesome about getting me a rental car, because I drive for a living.. and while one of my jobs threatened my job (a dumb misunderstanding), I only missed out on two nights of work..  I'm grateful that it wasn't worse..

I've never had a rental car before, seeing as I've never needed one..  so when I got this rental car, I was shocked at what it looked like.. You see, I've never driven a brand new vehicle before.. not for more than a test drive that is.. lol.. and boy was this one nice to drive..

I called it a trash can car, bc it was so boxy.. lol.. but it had all the bells and whistles.. And of course, I was afraid to drive it too much because it was so new (and they charge you for any dings or dents)..  But it was fun for the 3 days I had it..  I was anxious to get a new vehicle, especially since they worked so fast at getting me money for my totalled car..

I looked at a bunch of cars, but I really loved my 2006 Kia Spectra, so I found one that was almost like it but better..  This is my new car, a 2009 Kia Spectra..  besides the spoiler, the color, the year and the rain gaurds, there isn't much difference..  Oh, and my lowered car payment.. Which is nice..

Oh, one big difference is that it has remote entry, 3 sets of keys and REMOTE START!!  I didn't originally know it came with that.. Three days after I got the car, they called me saying they had the third set of keys and they thought it also had remote start on it.. I drove down and it took three of us to figure out how to use it.. lol..  This will definitely come in handy in the coming months.. :)

But thanks to the generous amount of money they gave me for my old Kia, I was able to put a hefty down payment on the new car and have extra money to pay some bills that, before my accident, I was worried how I was going to pay on time.. Also before my accident, I was honestly worried about my car's increasing mileage (when it got totalled it was nearing 155,000 miles).. So, in retrospect, I think this car accident was a blessing in disguise..

Yes, I will be hurting for a bit.. No, it's not something I would ever ask to have happen to me.. But it did happen and it is helping me in the long run.  I have been able to buy stuff without having to worry if I'll be able to afford other things.. I have been able to get a laptop so I can finally do homework (and blog or play on FB) while at work (which is where I am now)..

Thankfully, since my accident, everything seems to be going in my favor.. And while a small part of me is wondering when the bad is coming (bc that's how it usually works), I'm trying to squash it.. Because everyone deserves happiness right?!  :)

Well, good night peeps!  Talk at ya soon!


  1. Glad you weren't seriously hurt! Whew!

  2. Wow, that looks like a nasty one - so glad you're ok! I definitely know what you're talking about, though. A similar incident happened to me a few years ago..and the wreck ended up causing some good in my life. The wreck was the bad, the payoff was the good... so stop expecting something bad to happen - cause it already did, silly! ;)

  3. So glad you were okay and that it worked out in your favour!!