Sunday, October 21, 2012


Holy hell!  I knew it had been a while since I'd blogged, but I didn't think it had been over 2 months!!  Sorry, people..

I'm so excited to say that my Vertical Sleeve gastrectomy is in 10 DAYS!!  And then I turn 29 in 17 days!!  Yep, my surgery is exactly one week before my 29th birthday.. :)  I planned it like that on purpose.. Can't be in the hospital ON my birthday.. That'd be stupid.. lol

I've got my witches hat to wear for Halloween.. since I will be in the hospital walking around.. and hopefully my niece and nephews will come see me before they go trick or treating bc my niece is going to be Julia Ghoulia from Monster High and I can't wait to see her.. I can't wait to see the boys either.. lol

I wish I had gotten my craft room up and organized so I could make my own hospital gown, but I guess I'll live wearing those ugly green hospital gowns.. :( 

Let's recap for a second about the past two months:

** My parents have been out of the house for a little over a month..  It's been weird, but wonderful!

** On the 29th of September, I was involved in a head on collision.. well, it was head on for me.. Someone pulled out in front of me and I t-boned them.. thankfully I wasn't going too fast (like 30 mph) but it did deploy the airbag and sprain my sternum..  My car was totalled and I got a better version of my previous car.. lol.. bc I loved it so much!  You can check it out on FB.. or click here..

** My last dietary appointment was the 1st of the month.. and somehow I'd lost almost all the weight I'd gained in the second month.. So happy bc my dietician was threatening to halt my surgery date because of it..

** I was able to get an actual car loan!!  Seriously, I haven't been able to get a credit card because my credit sucks that bad.. So when they told me I got a car loan (albeit with a high percentage rate), I was ecstatic.. :)

I think that's it, for now.. I'm at work, and about to leave..  TTFN!


  1. So you're down to a week or less now!!! Excited for you!